Xinjiang Bole strives to build a stone industry cluster

The reporter learned that Bole City has abundant stone resources. In recent years, Bole City has seized this opportunity and constantly accelerated the transformation of superior resources. By taking the tree brand, taking the platform, and strengthening the industry, the company has made great efforts in the stone industry. Create a stone industry cluster. It is understood that Bole City is now...
The reporter learned that Bole City has rich stone resources. In recent years, Bole City has seized this opportunity, constantly accelerating the transformation of superior resources, and building large stone industry by adopting tree brand, platform and strong industry, and strive to build Stone industry cluster.

It is understood that there are three kinds of proven stones in Bole City, namely Bole Red, Bole Yellow, and Bole Leopard Leather Drill. The most popular among them is Bole Yellow, but the storage is not large. At present, the largest sales are leopard skin drills, and the initial proven reserves are 30 million to 50 million cubic meters.

According to Wang Xiaojun, director of the Bole Business and Economic Information Commission, since 2003, there is only one granite mining company in Bole City. At that time, the level of mining and processing equipment of stone enterprises was low, the yield was low, and raw materials were wasted. The problems of poor material quality and low sales price have also become important factors restricting the development of the stone industry in Bole. In addition, although Bole Stone is very popular in the market, due to the restrictions of transportation, it has made it difficult to sell products to Xinjiang. Now Bole Stone is sold in the North Xinjiang area.

In recent years, with the increase in the demand for stone in the market, since 2009, some enterprises have turned their attention to the production area of ​​Bole City, and have begun to settle in. So far, Bozhou Hefeng Stone Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Yiyi have been established. Five stone enterprises including Xianju Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and Bole Fuxing Stone Industry Co., Ltd. settled in.

Wang Xiaojun introduced that in order to better develop and strengthen the stone industry, Bole City actively carried out investment promotion work, and introduced large enterprises and large groups of stone production.

In 2012, seven enterprises and organizations, including China Metallurgical Geology Bureau and Fujian Stone Chamber of Commerce, settled in Bole City and jointly reorganized Bozhou Hefeng Stone Co., Ltd. to build a Bole Stone Industry Control Zone. The planned area of ​​the centralized control project is planned to cover 20,000 mu of land. The first phase investment is 1.5 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​3,000 mu. Six enterprises will be put into operation during the year.

On June 26, the reporter saw in the construction site of the stone industry centralized control area of ​​Bole City that a row of neatly arranged factories rose from the ground. In the distant stone mining area, the workers were busy carrying out stone mining operations. Zhang Shaoyong, general manager of Bozhou Hefeng Stone Co., Ltd., said that the company is currently exploring the mining area. In 2015, the company will fully complete the first phase of the centralized control zone, forming a production scale of 20 million square meters of annual processing capacity and an output value of more than 2 billion yuan.

Zhang Shaoyong said that the development of stone will produce dust, waste residue, waste water and other pollution. After the completion of the Bole Stone Industry Control Zone, the waste material and stone powder will be recycled and treated, and the scrap material waste will be used as the cornerstone, roadbed or pavement, and the stone powder and lime will be pressurized. It can make roadside stone and environmental protection bricks, and turn all the dust and waste generated in the stone production process into treasure. After the completion of the project, the company will introduce 22 stone processing and tailings environmental protection enterprises in accordance with the principle of “five unification” of unified exploration, unified planning, unified investment, unified development and unified operation, and build a domestic stone mining and processing green recycling demonstration park. . In addition, the company will also expand the Central Asian market with the help of Bole and surrounding quality resources and port transportation advantages. And extend the integrated stone industry chain to create a world-class stone exploration, mining, processing, research and development, logistics, warehousing and trading parks with low carbon, economy, green, environmental protection and recycling.

Wang Xiaojun said that in the future, Bole City will continue to actively introduce large enterprises and large groups to station, and bring all the stone exploration, mining, processing, research and development, logistics, warehousing and trading parks to make the stone park become a national radiation and connectivity. The stone circulation distribution bases of the five countries and the Eurasian continent form a cluster of mineral resources production and processing industries.

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