What are the main types of floor paint

Everyone may know about floor paint. Today, floor paints have begun to move from traditional anti-corrosion, clean, wear-resistant and other characteristics to being aesthetic, artistic, and environmentally friendly, and have been favored by more and more consumers. Next, I will introduce what is the floor paint and what are the main types of floor paint.

What is floor paint

The floor paint was invented in 1934 and is made of materials such as tree material, oil material, and solvent. The floor paint is also divided into decorative floor paint, heavy-duty anti-corrosive floor paint, and heavy-duty floor paint. Moreover, the floor paint has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, abrasion resistance, waterproof and anticorrosion.

What are the main types of floor paint

1. Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy floor paint is made of epoxy resin, solvent and curing agent and pigment. This coating is suitable for various parking lots, warehouses, repair shops, stadiums and other places.

2. Anti-corrosion floor paint:

This floor paint has good corrosion performance and high strength performance, and is suitable for the coating of various factories, kerosene plants, sanitary materials plants and other floors.

3. Elastic floor paint

This floor paint is made of elastic polyurethane, which has good elasticity and comfortable walking. Applicable to all kinds of sports venues, factory floor coating, etc.

4. Polyurethane floor paint

This kind of floor paint is inferior to epoxy resin coatings due to the hardness of the coating film and the adhesion of the base layer, and it has fewer brands. Mainly used for elastic floor paint and anti-skid floor paint.

5. Anti-static floor paint

Anti-static floor paint can prevent accidents due to the accumulation of static electricity, shield electromagnetic interference and prevent dust absorption. Mainly applicable to power plants, electronics factory workshops, pyrotechnic products factories, computer rooms, etc.

6. Non-slip floor paint

The anti-skid floor paint has high friction coefficient and good anti-skid performance, and is suitable for all kinds of anti-skid floor coating.

Editor's summary: What are the main types of floor paint and floor paint are introduced here, I hope to help everyone, if you want to know more related knowledge, you can pay attention to the information on this website.

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