Wardrobe mold treatment

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Once we find that the wardrobe in our home is moldy, we must deal with it in time to prevent the damage of the wardrobe from being seriously damaged, and also prevent the environment in the home from being affected. What about the moldy mold in our home? Let's learn the following points.

First, when we look at the mold in the wardrobe, we must first pay attention to clean the moldy place, you can usually wipe it with a dry paper towel, or brush with a dry brush, clean the moldy place. If the cleaning is not clean, you can wipe it with a damp cloth, and it is often very convenient to remove the mildew.

Second, if you find mold, in addition to cleaning the mold with a cloth, we need to brush the varnish again, so that it can effectively prevent further mold. Moldy is mostly caused by the problem of paint, so we can also use the rain forest to clean, then wipe it with a clean cloth.

Third, the air is damp and easy to mold, then we can put some lime in the home, not only can effectively prevent moisture, but also have the effect of disinfection. If the moisture in the closet is too heavy, you can put a tungsten light bulb in the closet and open it when it is wet. It can effectively reduce the moisture in the closet and keep the closet dry.

Fourth, moldy mold enters our home, it will cause some respiratory diseases, in order to prevent this, you can put some desiccant in the closet, can absorb the excess water in the wardrobe, let the wardrobe More dry. At the same time, we can put some orange peel in the closet, which can also play the role of clear and environmental protection. At the same time, we should pay attention to the frequent opening and ventilation of the window. Try not to use the humidifier indoors to prevent excessive moisture and affect the wardrobe. use. After we have used the wet mop to finish the ground, we should also pay attention to opening the window to allow the water to dry effectively.

corn wet milling process, after germ gluten, starch are separated, the fiber is separated out, dosed with some corn slurry, then dried through revolving barrel contacting methed.It contains starch, cellulose and other oligossachride, meanwhile it have rich dissolvable protein and its degradable substance, such as peptide hormone, various amino acid and so on. Besides, it contains lactic acid, phytin salt, dissolving sugar, all these constitute a nutritional products.

It is good feed for phytophage livestock (cattle, sheep, and fish), also good for pig, chicken and other single stomach animals. 3-5% dosage in feed could provide the nutrition factors the animal need, but also promote the health of digesting system.

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