Tool companies seize new opportunities in manufacturing revitalization planning

In 2009, China's automobile and machine tool consumption ranked first in the world, and advanced manufacturing processes and tools have a broad market and huge development space.

In 2009, the state launched the national science and technology major project of “high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment”, with a national investment of more than 2 billion.

At the same time, the overall level of Chinese manufacturing processes and tools is seriously lagging behind. Most of the high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision tools required for almost all new automotive engine projects come from abroad.

In the grim situation that the current global financial crisis continues to spread and deepen, and the economies of the world are generally declining, in order to cope with the financial crisis, governments have taken effective measures to stimulate economic recovery, and economic entities from all walks of life are actively seeking good solutions. A consensus has emerged: to take the crisis as an opportunity for industry transformation and upgrading of enterprise product technology, relying on technological innovation and adopting advanced manufacturing technologies to overcome the financial crisis.

As Mr. Long Century, Chairman of the American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association (AMT) said, “We are in a downturn, we must concentrate our efforts to turn the crisis into an opportunity to improve our long-term strength. Manufacturing technology is helping companies cope with change, Even productivity tools that are unfavorable.” He also pointed out that the recession can spark interest in buying advanced manufacturing technologies.

The “3P” logo used by Iskar’s newly launched SUMOTEC series of blade grades – Performance, Productivity and Profitability – means The tool industry provides high-quality technical resources for the manufacturing industry. At present, tool manufacturers are developing new carbide inserts by integrating current technical and innovative measures in the field of base material, CVD or PVD coating and post-treatment, groove and edge treatment of indexable inserts. Grades can significantly increase processing efficiency. The VP1500 (Processed Cast Iron), VP5600 (Processed Steel) and VP9600 (Processed Superalloy) inserts developed by Vannet have improved cutting parameters by 20%.

For tool users, the ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency of the company, and high processing efficiency means low processing costs and high returns. According to Sandvik Coromant, in 2008, Chinese users used Sandvik Coromant's tools to reduce the processing cost by 10% of the company's annual sales. The company's goal this year is to This number has increased to 15%. This is just a contribution made by a tool manufacturer, and the contribution of the entire industry will be a considerable number. At present, the more common view in the industry is that processing efficiency is increased by 20%, processing cost can be reduced by 15%, and processing efficiency by 20% is the level that most tool manufacturers can promise at present, and most tool users can work hard to The return of advanced tooling.

At present, the tool industry has provided more and more advanced technical support for the manufacturing industry, such as several typical workpieces of automobile engines, machining tools, aircraft landing gear and other aviation parts and machining tools, as well as tools for machining molds, even including China. Emerging wind power industry, key parts of high-speed train industry and machining tools. According to statistics, global cutting tools are distributed according to the sales of manufacturing sectors. General machinery accounts for 35%, automobiles accounts for 34%, aviation industry accounts for 12%, medical machinery accounts for 5%, molds account for 4%, and other 10%.

In order to catch up with the leap-forward development of the manufacturing industry, tool manufacturers have made long-term exploration and innovation, and have made great breakthroughs. Today, we have heard and saw more solemn commitments from tool companies, including Sandvik Coromant's “Gathering Your Success”; Kennametal's “KennametalComplete Comprehensive Service Plan” with customers, the program Including continuous on-site optimization, tool management and maintenance, personnel training and other extensive cooperation content; also has Wannite's “providing you a value-added solution for manufacturing process, let us develop cost reduction solutions for your factory”; As pointed out by Dr. Kress, Chairman of Marpa, the company's service philosophy is "We want to maintain close contact with our customers and provide them with the most suitable solutions based on their needs." The concept has created a world-famous tool brand, with their unique tools, constantly improving the technical level and processing efficiency of cutting.

The benefits of the new concept of toolmakers to users are changing the mindset of tool users, who see tool makers as an indispensable partner. A company that produces aerospace parts has seen a significant increase in productivity after establishing a partnership with Seco. In summing up this partnership, the company stated: “We need a true partner who can provide us with tooling solutions, a supplier that is both reliable and provides more than the tool itself. We also need solutions, Technical support, competitiveness and delivery capabilities. Seco Tools is our choice and meets our standards.” A manufacturing industry that sees the tool industry as a partner has inserted its wings for growth.

The tool industry is in the period of rapid development of cutting tools and cutting technology. The development of China's manufacturing industry has entered a tough stage. Coupled with the introduction of the manufacturing revitalization plan, this benign interaction between tool manufacturers and users not only helps to overcome the current situation. The financial crisis will greatly accelerate the process of building and manufacturing a strong country in China, and will bring about a bright future for both sides to achieve long-term cooperation and win-win.

With the introduction of the National Equipment Manufacturing Revitalization Plan and the launch of major science and technology projects for basic manufacturing equipment, Shanghai International Machine Tool Show (East Expo) has been enriched with exhibition experience for 11 years to improve the overall level of manufacturing processes and tools in China. The deep industry resources provide a platform for communication and communication development for tool companies in many aspects, and promote the positive interaction between tool manufacturers and user industries.

☆ Plan the tool museum to increase the efforts of the tool companies. In 2010, we subdivided the exhibition area. In the 100,000 square meters exhibition area, we set up a special tool hall and set up a special group to invite famous Chinese and foreign tool companies to participate in the exhibition.

☆ Cooperate with the capabilities of scientific research units in the tool industry to hold special tool meetings. Invited general user, automotive, aviation, mold and other major users of enterprise procurement managers, senior engineers and tool industry experts to give a constructive opinion on the existing problems in the application of tools, interactive discussions, and promote the development and innovation of tool companies. At the same time, tool companies can also provide on-site promotion for current new products and innovative scientific and technological achievements to provide solutions for the user industry.

☆ Participate in well-known exhibitions of machinery, automobile, aviation and other tool users, visit customers, conduct special promotion, invite to visit the 12th Shanghai International Machine Tool Show in 2010, organize counterpart buyers for tool companies, and improve the participation effect.

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