These three points are very important for the decoration company.

Now more and more owners feel that it is too troublesome to decorate the house, so they will directly find a decoration company and give the house full responsibility for them. Today we look at what decoration company is good and how to choose a good decoration company, I hope to provide you with some help after reading!

1. What company is good for decoration

To know what decoration company is good , first of all, you must have a certain understanding of the decoration company, whether they are qualified to carry out construction, in addition to confirming and checking their business license, they must also know whether they have a formal office location, Whether it is possible to issue qualified guarantees, etc., these are the most in need of confirmation. After these confirmations, you still need to understand the design level of the designer of their company. If it is introduced by a friend, you can understand it through a friend, or check some pictures designed by the designer before.

2. These three points are very important when choosing a decoration company

1. Initial contact with home improvement company

At present, the decoration company has two ways of quotation. One is to let the owner report the estimated price, and then the decoration company gives the design plan and the decoration plan based on the owner's price; the other is the owner to propose what he wants Specific requirements, the decoration company reported how much it would cost to implement this program. Usually most consumers will choose the second one, which also has more initiative, let the decoration company first quote, and their own price for the decoration is also more low.

2. Confirm the design and bargain

After confirming the initial intention with the decoration company, the decoration company will start to determine your specific requirements with you, and then go to the house to measure the room. The company will report the design and detailed price of your house to you after two or three days. The above will clearly specify the construction materials and construction volume. After you get these materials, you can discuss with the designer and let him answer some of your doubts. After all the plans are confirmed, for insurance, you need to Then confirm in detail whether the price and usage of each item in the quotation are reasonable.

3. Eliminate loopholes in decoration contracts

After confirming the above two points, usually a regular decoration company will also sign a construction agreement or contract with the owner. When signing the contract, you must specify the specific requirements of the decoration and the date of completion of the house. Some consumers did not pay attention to these two points when signing the contract, resulting in some loopholes for some decoration companies.

Editor's summary: The above is the three important points that the editor shared about the decoration company and the choice of decoration company. The materials used to decorate the house and the specific brand and model must be specified in the contract to avoid decoration. The company recharged second.

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