The use of medicine in the greenhouse is not included in the five mistakes

Vegetable farmers can use pesticides more scientifically, reasonably and efficiently in the case of correct knowledge of medicines and common sense of medicines. To achieve scientific drug use, you need to pay attention to five types of deficiencies:
The first category: Blind type of vegetable farmers apply pesticides not to the law of occurrence and development of pests and diseases, but based on their own years of experience, for all kinds of melon and vegetable diseases, whether it is fungal diseases, bacterial or viral diseases, see vegetable leaves If the fruit changes slightly, spray the pesticide; for all kinds of melon and vegetable pests, whether it is caused by aphids or mites, see the insects. In fact, each pest has its own unique habits and hazards. For example, powdery mildew is easy to invade the young part of melon, and black spot is easy to infect from the lower leaves. Aphids and mites are concentrated in the back of melon leaves. , draw vegetable juice. Most of the pesticides that control pests and diseases are particularly specific, often targeting diseases caused by one or a certain type of pathogen, and are ineffective against other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the medicine according to the disease.
The second category: the dosage type is a lot of vegetable-based medicines. It is not based on the instructions for the use of medicines. Scientifically and rationally, the dosage of pesticides is used, but it is estimated by itself, thereby increasing the dosage. As the dose of pesticides increases, the resistance of various pests and diseases increases. Pesticides with low toxicity and long use time can no longer eliminate the pests and diseases of vegetables and vegetables, and destroy the ecological balance, causing pollution to the ecological environment and even causing economic losses to vegetable production.
The third category: Most of the climatological vegetable growers generally believe that the spraying of pesticides is fast and the control effect is good when the weather is hot at noon. This will result in pesticide poisoning due to the high density of vegetables in the greenhouse and poor ventilation conditions. Therefore, high temperature weather should be avoided as much as possible. The pesticide network recommends that it should be sprayed before 10 am and after 4 pm.
The fourth category: mixed type Most vegetable farmers do not mix pesticides according to the nature and use of pesticides. Under certain specific conditions, the mixing of drugs is synergistic, but most vegetable farmers are blind to the mixture of pesticides. It has antagonistic effect, and some pesticides can be sprayed on vegetables to produce phytotoxicity, which reduces the yield and quality of melons. The mixing of pesticides should clearly define the control objectives, determine the best pharmacy and formula, and should be added in the order of wettable viscous agent, suspending agent, water agent and emulsifier in the order of dispensing, and continue to stir. Mixing pesticides should be used with the equipment, not suitable for long-term use. Store.
The fifth category: Some insect-free farmers see pests in the shed, they will immediately spray pesticides to completely eliminate them, in fact, it is completely unnecessary. The Chinese pesticide network reminds us that if the pests in the shed do not exceed a certain amount, it will not cause economic losses to the production of melons and vegetables. Some pests are too resistant, mainly due to irrational use of drugs and pesticide abuse.

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