The price gap of panel furniture is large and the added value becomes the decisive factor

Panel furniture is known for its comprehensive strength. Compared with solid wood furniture, the new style of panel furniture is easier to disassemble and combine, and the price is relatively low. It is favored by the people. Many young consumers also have a special liking for the veneer of panel furniture. , The different colors and textures of the veneer can create a variety of personalized furniture is more attractive to the post-80s group. However, in the process of consumers, faced with the similar styles and similar materials but the price is uneven, the owners are very confused. The competition in the panel furniture market is so fierce. Behind the price wars of merchants, consumers not only have to ask Who knows the price of panel furniture? What is the difference?

"Exotic" plates are of high value

When it comes to the main factors restricting the price of the panel type, the most basic difference must be the board. It is understood that most furniture now uses chipboard or density board. The density is different, the environmental protection level is different, and the price is also different. In the interview, the author learned that the price difference between domestic and imported plates is very large. The price difference between domestic and imported plates for the same piece of furniture is up to 80%. Why are there so many price differences for the same functions?

Some people in the industry told the author that the gap between imported and domestic plates does exist because the formaldehyde content of domestically produced plates is generally higher than that of imported plates. The formaldehyde limit of domestically produced plates is E1 (E1≤1.5mg / L) The formaldehyde limit grade of imported plates can reach E0 grade (E0≤0.5mg / L) or exceed E0 grade. At present, the best production in our country is the Lushui River. Several large domestic enterprises basically use its materials. However, the environmental protection standards are also close, but there is also a gap with foreign countries.

Added value or price determinant

Panel furniture has always won by price and design. Although the difference in hardware such as sheet metal plates and hardware directly determines the price difference, as people gradually pursue the quality of life, the difference in added value of the products becomes more Factors restricting the price of panel furniture.

Paying attention to the connotation and culture of products is a magic weapon for panel furniture to win. The difference in design and service added value directly affects the price of panel furniture. Nowadays, consumers' understanding of furniture is not only functional, but also the perfect combination of functionality and art. Now more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the culture behind the brand. For example, the origin of the name "Amore" comes from a Korean love story. The entire style of furniture is partial to the Korean style. The pure orthodox Korean furniture is a fusion of Chinese classics. Products made from elements of furniture, such a cultural background is very popular and loved by young women white-collar workers.

Domestic companies break through to enhance brand image

Throughout the domestic furniture companies, even though they chanted to abandon the slogan of 'brand popularity and product homogeneity', it is not uncommon for companies that can truly highlight the encirclement and occupy the mid- to high-end market. Due to the relatively low barriers to entry in the industry, many small businesses are blindly pursuing benefits, and the situation of plagiarism and copying is very serious. This is also a large number of low-end furniture products with similar appearance but different prices. Let panel furniture gradually become synonymous with 'bargain', however, this is not the case.

If you want to occupy the mid-to-high-end furniture market, it is not a wise move to blindly fight the price war. Consumers can be careful to keep in mind that many high-end furniture brands are playing with the concept of 'home design', and they convey the message, 'Consumers buy not only furniture, but a way of life. 'Finding the target consumer group and improving the added value of the product through product design to enhance the brand's image in the minds of consumers may be an important way for the development of panel furniture. If consumers can do it, they can't put it down when they see the product at first glance, and even forget other factors such as the material of the product. That product is successful, and the company is also successful.

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