The plastic film industry is in a state of structural supply and demand conflict

With the development of the economy and the adjustment of the rural industrial structure, the market demand for plastic film in various industries in China is rising. Prospective Industry Research Institute released a forecast that the market size of China's plastic film industry will exceed 500 billion yuan in 2017. At present, China's plastic film is in a state of structural supply and demand contradiction, the supply of traditional film is too high, and the high-tech film is in short supply.

The plastic packaging industry realized a total industrial output value of 147.192 billion yuan and realized sales income of 146.145 billion yuan, accounting for 67.15% and 67.05% of the total industrial output value and sales revenue of the plastic film industry, respectively.

From the perspective of packaging types, in 2012, China's plastic packaging realized sales revenue of 146.145 billion yuan; glass packaging realized sales revenue of 55.386 billion yuan; metal packaging realized sales revenue of 107.06 billion yuan, showing that China's plastic packaging occupied the major market share of packaging industry in 2012 Leading glass and metal packaging materials.

At present, China's plastic film industry is in a period of vigorous development. It is reported that the demand for plastic film in China will increase by more than 9% every year. And with the emergence of new materials, new equipment and new processes, China's plastic film will be promoted towards a variety of products, specialization and multi-functional composite film.

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Lithium Methoxide Basic Information
CAS: 865-34-9
MW: 37.97
EINECS: 212-737-7

Mol File: 865-34-9.mol

Lithium methoxide Structure

Lithium Methanolate

Lithium Methoxide Chemical Properties
Melting point 500°C
Boiling point 64.6 °C
density 0.85 g/mL at 20 °C
Fp 52 °F
storage temp. Flammables area
solubility Soluble in methanol.
form powder
color White
Sensitive Moisture Sensitive

Stability: Stable, but reacts violently with water. Highly flammable. Store under dry inert gas.

Lithium Methoxide Application

For organic synthesis reactions such as lipid exchange.

Lithium Methoxide CAS No.865-34-9

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