The new consumption system of Station B and Lin's Wood tells us how to do business in the future?

It seems that all game rules have changed overnight. The New Year's Eve in 2019 is not so much a move towards the 1920s, it is more like a carnival before the unveiling of the new era's commercial layout.

On the last night of 2019, no one expected that David regarded the "long-planned" New Year's Eve traffic battle as a result of losing to the first New Year's Eve, held by Bilibili (Station B). Party. On the day of the live broadcast of the party, which was designated as the "most understanding young people" by the People's Daily, the number of people watching online reached as high as 82.03 million, and the number of barrages exceeded 1.7 million. The market value increased by nearly 5 billion yuan, and continued to soar on January 3, with a market value of US $ 6.888 billion, a new high since June 2018.

From the perspective of content and actual income, it is not so much a counterattack of the content of station B as it is a further remodeling of the "new consumption system".

With new consumption becoming mainstream, where is the future?

The day-to-day invasion of the "new consumption system" is not only reflected in a New Year's Eve party. Looking around, we can find that we have been locked in all directions. From the vibrating screen that has been screened in the past few days, it has broken through 400 million, and it has quickly appeared on the news network. After 90s, it has become the main force of home buyers ... Cases in life are both small and large. With the rise of the traffic business represented by Cai Xukun and the "wool party" represented by Li Jiaqi, the squandering period is gradually accusing others, and the "wool party" represented by Li Jiaqi is overflowing day by day. The rationality of non-mainstream users is returning to the high ground, ushering in a new prologue to the development of the new consumer era. The furniture industry, as the biggest weather vane for residents' lives, perceives it earlier and worse.

Double eleven turnover is refreshed again, the furniture industry is unstoppable

At 0:00 on November 11th, 2019, Tmall's Double Eleven sold for 1 hour, 3 minutes and 59 seconds, which exceeded 120.7 billion transactions, and finally broke the previous year's record with 268.4 billion transactions. In this commercial Olympics, the home furnishing industry is even more conscientious and its performance is dazzling. More than 50 brands have successfully entered the Tmall Double 11 "100 million yuan club"; Lin's wood and other brands continue to sing forward on the basis of continuing the heat of previous years, and the turnover has reached a record high.

Behind the huge market, Lin's wood industry is still sitting on the top spot in the residential furniture industry. According to official Tmall data, Lin's wood industry's sales exceeded 100 million in just 25 seconds on Double 11 sales; it broke in 240 seconds 200 million; breaking 500 million in 1 hour and 17 minutes, breaking 800 million in the 17th hour, surpassing the double 11 single-store GMV in 2018, and eventually winning the total sales of 980 million yuan in all channels in the residential furniture industry in the entire network. 1.

In addition, the data shows that during the Double Eleven period, Lin's wood furniture sold more than 460,000 pieces of all channels, of which the sales of Nordic simple sofa products exceeded 14 million, an increase of 175% year-on-year.

Lin's wood industry digs deep into new retail layout and seizes traffic highlands

Behind all these good achievements, Lin's wood industry's new retail layout cannot be separated.

The power of the new retail is obvious to all. Even if it is not supported by macro data, people will find that the traditional stores that were overcrowded in the first decade of the 21st century are no longer the scene of the crowds of people in the past even when they are discounted. Even the supermarket giant Wal-Mart, since March this year, has issued more than 8 stores that have announced closures, and closed four stores in April alone.

This scene is very different from the e-commerce "going down the countryside", not only the first-tier cities, but also the second-tier and third-tier cities and even the eighteenth-tier cities and towns are a bustling blue ocean trend. In this large environment, traditional industries 'S new retail transformation is particularly important, even with "one-click life and death".

As Lin's wood furniture brand started on the Internet, new retail genes have naturally penetrated.

Lin's Wood Headquarters is located in Foshan, China's manufacturing powerhouse. For a long time, it has a unique advantage in supply chain and production. The furniture industry's gathering of professionals and raw material prices has provided great convenience. Lin's On this basis, the wood industry not only further compresses prices, but also spreads the supply chain around the world. Stable quality and transparent prices have long been synonymous with Lin's wood industry. In addition, Lin's wood industry has joined hands with the excellent home exhibition platform, the famous furniture exhibition, and the integration of online and offline stores has added bricks to its new retail layout. .

Lin's offline stores are all new retail stores, and all kinds of fun marketing methods and online discounts aggregate the passenger flow and introduce them into offline stores. Under the support of the "five-same" (same goods, same price, same quality, same activity, same service) system, the standardized operation method is implemented in every store, and consumers can enjoy the same online discounts at any store. While providing indifferent services, further reduce store manpower expenditures, achieve maximum automation, and reduce the possibility of cost premiums.

Not only that, in order to fully connect online and offline, Lin's Wood also confirmed the supporting "five pack system" for after-sales, including long-distance transportation, package delivery in the same city, package upstairs, package installation, and package after-sales service, continuous optimization Service process and efficiency provide customers with all-round shopping enjoyment.

As of January 2020, Lin's Wood has opened 259 stores worldwide, with an average of 10 stores per month. It plans to reach the new retail layout target of 1,000 global stores by 2021. With the release of brilliant performance and strong policy support, this goal is steadily advancing.

On the occasion of the 43rd International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition and the Lins Wood Distributors Conference, as a leading home furnishing enterprise with a complete retail logic industry chain, Lins Wood will also provide distributors with "big data" "Operation", "Quality Supply Chain", "Full Link Marketing", "Smart Warehousing and Logistics" as a drive-oriented service portfolio, empowering Lin's wood industry partners to walk at the forefront of the smart era and seize the high ground of new retail traffic To achieve the goal of "Lin's Wood has no unprofitable physical stores".


Big data operations

"User insight, that is, use big data to analyze consumer behavior habits, catalyst behavior, preferences, etc .; crowd screening, that is, use three-dimensional tags to target the target population; marketing customization, use data technology to customize marketing plans and tools to promote the real landing of marketing ; Marketing tracking, using data technology to adjust marketing trajectories in real time, precipitate new insights, and improve closed-loop marketing. "

Through the above big data processing system, Lin's Wood Industry realizes the circulation and intercommunication of the database, deeply insights into and analyzes the consumer path of brand consumers, and truly realizes new drainage across categories. Accurately locate the target groups of the brand, and promote the brand strategy upgrade. Based on the huge data network, dealers can easily get started, find problems from the data, clarify the trend, and carry out operation and maintenance activities according to local conditions according to the actual situation of each store in each region.

The soaring customer traffic and the reduction in costs, coupled with the dealers ’efficient approach to online traffic, constantly refreshing retail offline store performance, data empowers dealers to truly achieve a win-win partnership.


Quality supply chain

As we all know, the furniture production line is complicated, and often has problems such as inaccurate delivery and poor quality. As a furniture brand developed on the basis of the Internet, the capacity planning guided by big data is also a key change in the upgrading of Lin's wood supply chain.

Based on the data of the Double 11 in the past years, and through the product life cycle model, combined with the market style category trends and consumer behavior, Lin's Wood can accurately predict the market increment and geographical proportion of each product line, and infer quarterly orders and The semi-annual orders are mass-produced in advance, and then the quarterly and monthly order decomposition is completed to complete the precise reserve of each supplier. It not only helps the factory optimize the production capacity layout, mass production effectively reduces costs, but also ensures the accuracy of the delivery date.

In the manufacturing process, Lin's wood industry has also completely standardized the furniture from the beginning of design, to maximize the dispersion of production risks.

The high-quality and accurate supply chain system completely bids farewell to the traditional furniture industry's hoarding or shortage of goods. At the same time, the dealers bid farewell to the hoarding of goods through the brand-new new retail system of Lin's Wood, effectively achieving the healthy circulation of funds.


Full link marketing

In December 2019, Lin's Wood Industry won the "Golden Wheat Award Marketing Case Award Gold Award for Furniture and Home Improvement" and Alibaba ONE Business Conference "ONE Global Marketing Award", both of which are the only award-winning brands in the home furnishing industry.

After exploring and trying to keep up with the times, Lin's marketing strategy has achieved full chain coverage, interlocking, all introduced data technology management, to ensure accurate reach of every consumer. Through the brand data bank insight into the consumer full link (AIPL) circulation and portraits, the terminal (store) transaction status returns, will form a complete consumer full link closed-loop operating model, and the cost of customer acquisition (reservation) drops by as much as 45%. Minimize customer acquisition costs.

In recent years, behind the series of marketing activities, Lin's Wood Industry has not only recruited young consumers, but also built the brand IP in depth. "Understanding young people", "fun" and "cost-effectiveness" have gradually become the brand labels of Lin's wood industry.

Through the annual holding of Lin's wood industry marketing activities and online and offline publicity, its "younger" brand power has already gained popularity, especially the young consumers' recognition of Lin's wood industry far exceeds that of other similar homes. For dealers, it is like standing on the shoulders of giants and looking at the world. Marketing is no longer an intractable disease.


Smart Warehouse Logistics

In order to further widen the gap with the industry and seize the high ground of consumption, Lin's Wood and Cainiao Alliance reached a cooperation, and the large-scale logistics tracking system was put into operation. Consumers who bought Lin's wood furniture can directly view the large pieces in the background of Taobao and Tmall. Logistics information node. In addition, Lin's Wood has upgraded its warehouse to a digital warehousing system to speed up supply chain operations. In order to further refine the digital supply chain, Lin's Wood has already introduced the domestic advanced WMS warehousing management system. Commodities can be fully intelligentized from storage, replenishment, picking, distribution, and distribution to improve storage operation efficiency.

Behind Lin's warehousing upgrade is the core essence of "new retail" and "data-driven consumer-centric". Through the promotion of big data, high-quality supply chain, online and offline marketing diversion, warehousing upgrades and other measures to provide consumers and dealers with the most user-friendly integrated services, promote the furniture industry to provide advanced experience in the new consumer era.

"The Internet is like a beast of floods, devouring everything, and the entity is dead." This was the view of many people a few years ago. The Internet's rapid advancement has indeed impacted the entity. But when we talk about impact, rather than staggering sales, it is better to say that physical business people are caught flat-footed in the face of new gameplay. In this process, there is an urgent need for a combination of new Internet technologies and new models for use in Ways to solve the residual defects in traditional industries, and Lin's wood boxing may be used as an excellent answer to the transformation of the furniture industry and even the traditional industry.

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