The domestic hardware industry's innovation and development continue to accelerate

"The total annual output value is nearly 1.5 trillion yuan, and the ratio of domestic and foreign sales is about 1:1. In the past three years, the import and export volume of the whole industry has stabilized at more than 20 billion US dollars and 100 billion US dollars. In 2016, the whole industry announced a total of 260,552 patents. It accounted for 33.73% of the national light industry, an increase of 9.54% year-on-year; from January to June this year, the total import and export volume of the whole industry totaled 60.942 billion US dollars, an increase of 11%; in the first half of the year, the trade volume with the countries along the 'Belt and Road' was 15.685 billion US dollars. , accounting for 25.74% of the total manufacturing trade, an increase of 11.11%." Recently, at the 54th World Hardware Conference held in Shanghai, China Hardware Association used such a set of figures to show the development strength of China's hardware industry to the global counterparts. .

It is reported that this is the second time that the 108-year-old World Hardware Conference has entered China since the lapse of 11 years. The conference attracted nearly 500 elites from the global hardware industry. The representatives of the Association of Eight International Association of Hardware and Household Products Associations (IHA) from China, the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and Japan shared the countries. Economic and industry development trends, and the theme of "the development direction of hardware production and circulation in the Internet era" has entered an in-depth exchange and discussion. Focusing on consumer demand, increasing online sales and the use of new technologies is the most mentioned aspect.

"By benefiting from the guidance and support of the supply-side structural reform, the China Manufacturing 2025 Strategy and Other national policies, in recent years, the pace of innovation and development of China's hardware industry has been accelerating, and the gap with developed countries is gradually narrowing. But the combination has just been released. In the report of the 19th National Congress, the requirements for vigorously improving the quality and efficiency of development and accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industries, at present, China's hardware industry urgently needs to solve the problem of small brand influence and low level of intelligent production, to meet the market's effective supply and increasingly The demand for growing mid- to high-end products continues to grow," said Shi Lanlan, chairman of the 54th World Hardware Congress and chairman of the China Hardware Products Association.

Xin Guobin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, who attended the conference, stressed that as an important part of the manufacturing industry, the hardware industry involves a wide range of products, including tools, locks, kitchen appliances, and sanitary ware. In the past, people generally believed that the hardware industry was a traditional labor-intensive industry. Now the hardware industry has become an emerging technology-intensive industry through continuous innovation and development. At present, there are many varieties of hardware products in China in terms of output and sales volume, ranking first in the world, but there is still much room for improvement in overall design capability, production process and quality level. Taking the cabinet hardware often used in daily life as an example, its quality directly determines the overall performance and service life of the cabinet; there are hinges, not only to connect the cabinet and the door panel, but also to bear the weight of the door panel, if the quality is Off, after using it for a period of time, it may be tilted back and forth. Building and manufacturing a strong country not only depends on the quality and level of the country's heavy equipment, but also the overall improvement of the manufacturing level of industrial basic products represented by hardware.

According to Shi Langlan, after years of guidance and transformation, China's hardware industry has emerged a number of good companies and good products. Many companies' product technologies and quality levels are not inferior to world-renowned companies, but because of brand influence. Small, not recognized by consumers, it is difficult to open up the domestic high-end market. In fact, most of the products in China's hardware high-end market are OEM products, that is, manufactured by domestic enterprises, and exported to domestic consumers for domestic sales. “The lack of high-impact brands is mainly related to the lack of awareness of the brand in the enterprise. Many companies with technical advantages in the hardware industry are only satisfied with the simple processing fees through OEM production, or the national export tax rebate policy as a profit. Space." Shi Lanlan added.

At present, the development of a new generation of information and communication technology and manufacturing has become a global development trend. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the hardware industry has also taken the development pace of “Internet +” and “+ Internet”. In order to improve efficiency and craftsmanship, many companies have cited robots and intelligent logistics systems. Haier and Boss Electric are leading companies. Peer, launched and put into use the smart kitchen interconnection factory and digital intelligent manufacturing base. "But in terms of the entire industry, the degree of intelligence is still very low. Some enterprises lack the ability to build a corresponding technical system because they lack the talents who are familiar with Internet technology, and cannot achieve production and sales docking with new retailers such as Jingdong." Lan anxiously said.

In view of the current development status, Xin Guobin hopes that the domestic hardware industry will break through the bottlenecks and weak links of key basic materials, core basic components, advanced basic processes and industrial technologies that restrict the development of the industry in accordance with the relevant requirements of China Manufacturing 2025. Batch of key core technologies and products. At the same time, in line with the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, promote the application of digital, network, intelligent technology and intelligent equipment in the whole process of the enterprise and the whole industry chain.

Zhang Chonghe, president of the China National Light Industry Association, suggested that the domestic hardware industry should seize the opportunities brought by the construction of the “Belt and Road”, strengthen international cooperation, share technical resources, expand application space and enhance the image of the industry.

Zhang Dongli, executive director of China Hardware Products Association, said that in the face of the rapid acceleration of domestic consumption upgrade, sustained growth of domestic demand and global economic recovery, the whole industry will adhere to the concept of quality first, high quality and good price, and focus on technological innovation and green. Intelligent manufacturing, constantly improving the value chain.

In order to enhance the brand influence of China's high-quality hardware products and enhance the awareness of corporate brand development, this year, China Hardware Products Association and the relevant national authorities have jointly launched the quality comparison of Chinese and foreign products in faucets, household drawer guides and hinge products. Activities, to promote and promote outstanding enterprises to the market, to help domestic high-end hardware products into thousands of households.

Editor in charge: Zhao Hongli

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