Tanyue Guofu takes you to understand the definition and advantages of the new Chinese style

Tanyue Guofu takes you to understand the definition and advantages of the new Chinese style

Because the new Chinese furniture not only inherits the culture and art of traditional furniture, but also meets the living needs and habits of modern people, and the price is moderate. Therefore, since entering the market, new Chinese-style furniture has quickly become the new favorite of many traditional enthusiasts and most white-collar workers. It has even been sought after by many young people who want to buy panel furniture and European-style furniture, winning a huge market space .

New Chinese definition

Architect Liang Sicheng regards "middle and new" (both with Chinese characteristics and innovative spirit) as the highest level of Chinese architectural design. If this is the criterion, then this combination of classic and modern Chinese furniture is a high-level innovation in the furniture industry.

What is new Chinese furniture? Generally speaking, under the traditional aesthetic norms, modern materials and processes are used to interpret the classic essence of traditional culture, so that the furniture not only has an elegant and dignified atmosphere, but also has obvious characteristics of the times. It is called new Chinese furniture.

In addition to the refined use of Chinese symbols for decoration, the new Chinese furniture also introduces traditional tea art, piano chess, calligraphy and painting, or modern cloth art. In terms of image, if a three-person chair is made of traditional hardwood materials, tenon joints and Ming and Qing styles, you can call it Chinese classical furniture; if it adopts the classic design style of Ming and Qing chairs, use It is modern materials, or only adopts some design elements or adds a sofa cushion, which has the comfort of the sofa, then it is the new Chinese furniture.


The advantages of the new Chinese style

At present, the market structure and industrial chain of the new Chinese-style furniture are in an ascending development stage, which will inevitably form a scale. Moreover, compared with traditional furniture, the new Chinese style home has three major advantages:

First, the materials are compatible and the raw materials dominate. New Chinese furniture mostly uses relatively ordinary hardwood materials, not limited to mahogany. For example, African hardwood, with relatively high quality and sufficient resources, can meet the market demand for mass production, get rid of the difficulties of the current furniture industry, and have more room for development.

The second is the new rhyme of the ancient rhythm, the production design is more scientific and reasonable. The ancients demanded to sit because of the ceremony, and now people are pursuing more ergonomic comfort and comfort. Therefore, the design of the new Chinese furniture incorporates ergonomic principles into traditional modeling, and fully considers the actual needs of modern people ’s lives. It also brings together some fashion trend elements in Chinese and foreign furniture, such as the change of furniture lines, the support of the back of the chair, etc.

The third is full of creativity, and the use of functions has been further improved. The new Chinese furniture has got rid of the limitation of living space, and also has a very powerful use function. For example, in a residential area with a small area, only partial decorations such as window frames can be used, and the space under the corner of the sofa can be used for storage, which is very clever.

New Chinese style is just beginning

Traditional Chinese style is still the mainstream of the market, but new Chinese furniture is rising and gaining consumer recognition.

In fact, "the ascendant" is the current development trend of new Chinese furniture. Obviously, many furniture manufacturers have also seen the huge potential market for new Chinese furniture, and they have begun to promote R & D and production.

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