Shower room tempered glass deposits three thousandths of self-detonation rate

The shower room has become an important part of the bathroom because of its small footprint and hygienic comfort. However, there is a hidden crisis behind the comfort and comfort: in December last year, when a household in Fujian took a shower, a glass sliding door in the shower room suddenly burst. The debris was splashed and his hands and feet were cut. In March of this year, the glass door of the shower room of a resident in Shenyang was suddenly broken in the middle of the night when the glass door of the shower room was unoccupied. The glass slag was scattered all over the place... The glass of the shower room burst. Like a time bomb in the bathroom, it threatens people's lives at all times. However, a recent consumer survey shows that over 50% of netizens have no knowledge of the safety hazards in the shower room.

It is understood that the glass used in the shower room is tempered glass processed by physical methods, that is, the glass is heated and heated to a certain temperature and then suddenly cooled. There is a saying in the industry that “the tempered glass has a self-detonation rate of three thousandths”, that is to say, even if it is a qualified tempered glass, there are still three thousandths of self-explosion possibilities after passing all the audits and acceptances.

In the process of installation and use of the shower room, if the pressure of the glass is uneven, cracks or self-explosion will occur; if the glass is directly pressed by the hard object, self-explosion will occur. The impact resistance and surface hardness of tempered glass will be stronger than that of ordinary glass, but as long as a small part of the glass is destroyed, the strength of the whole glass will decrease, and it is easy to be broken overall. Therefore, do not place angular hard objects near the shower room, or directly hit the glass with a sharp hard object. When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, after using the shower room, the exhaust fan should be opened to discharge the hot air and water vapor, so as to prevent the temperature difference between the inside and the outside from increasing when the door and window are opened, causing the glass to self-explosion.

When entering or leaving the shower room, the strength of pushing and pulling the door should not be too large. If the force is too large, the door may be loose or fall off. Pay attention to regularly clean the slide rails, pulleys, and sliders. When the door feels tight, you can add lubricant to adjust the lubrication. Also check the adjustment screw of the slider regularly for rust, whether it needs to be replaced or adjust the tightness to ensure the effective bearing of the slider to the movable door. In addition, when cleaning the glass of the shower room, do not use a corrosive detergent and rough materials to avoid scratches or tarnish the glass surface.

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