Rolling bearing removal equipment and disassembly

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Rolling bearing removal equipment and disassembly

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The tumbling bearing is a combination of bearing shaft transformation. The ferrule and the tumbling body are finely machined. The bearing is before leaving the factory; the turret and the tumbling surface are not rusted; the raceway and the tumbling body are injected between the raceway and the tumbling body. Anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease. Therefore, the bearing equipment should be removed before cleaning. The bearings sealed with anti-rust oil can be directly removed by gasoline or fire oil, and rust-proof with thick oil or anti-rust grease; light mineral oil must be used first; For example, if 10# oil or transformer oil is heated to melt and cool the oil; then remove it with gasoline or kerosene. Bearings with dust cover or sealing ring on both sides; smooth grease has been added before leaving the factory; therefore, the equipment does not need to be removed. Bearings coated with smooth rust-proof grease; do not need to be removed from the equipment. During the process of removing the equipment; beware of foreign objects falling into the bearing; fine abrasive particles will cause wear between the roll and the raceway, Increase noise and oscillation.
There are two ways to install and disassemble the bearing. First, press the interference ferrule into the shaft or press it into the hole of the bearing housing. First, the inner diameter of the bearing is increased by heating the bearing; or the outer diameter of the bearing is reduced. When the pressurization method is selected, the mechanical force or hydraulic pressure is directly applied to the seat to be disassembled by special equipment; the loading and unloading force is never allowed to pass through the rolling body. Otherwise, the raceway and the tumbler surface indentation will be formed, and the noise and oscillation will be increased to cause damage. If heating or cooling is used for the assembly and disassembly, the heating temperature or cooling temperature should be strictly controlled. The strength of the outer surface of the bearing operation is affected by the metal surface gold. The influence of the phase arrangement layout and the excessive temperature will form a tempering effect. If the temperature is too high, the external appearance will be embrittled. Generally, the heating temperature should not exceed 100 °C; the cooling bottom temperature should not be below 50 °C. Be even.
Practice has proved that improper bearing equipment is one of the reasons for the premature failure of the bearing. It is not easy to install and remove the ferrule with interference; therefore, when depicting the support; it is necessary to think about how the bearing is assembled and disassembled and convenient. The problem of assembly and disassembly. The assembly and disassembly of large-sized bearings for heavy machinery often requires the depiction of special equipment. If the high-pressure oil is disassembled, it is necessary to draw the oil circuit, pipeline and pump.
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