Renovation video wall should pay attention to what TV wall decoration construction five major points

Owners are now paying attention to the decoration of the video wall. An elegant video wall can not only improve the quality of the room, but also provide people with visual pleasure. Many people were renovated for the first time. They lacked experience in TV wall decoration and did not know where to start. Then, what should we pay attention to the decoration of the video wall ? The following article will share this issue with everyone and look forward to helping those who need it.

Renovation TV wall should pay attention to what - reserve enough socket

When we decorate the video wall, we must first consider whether the TV is wall-mounted or placed on a cabinet. If you want the TV to hang on the wall, you need to reserve the location of the buried pendant or the solidified base and enough outlets. It is recommended that you bury a thicker PVC pipe in the TV wall. All the wires can go through the pipe to the TV cabinet below. If you don't need wall-mounting, you need to design the position where the TV is placed, set the mounting hole in advance, and bury the wire in the decoration.

What to Watch for Renovating TV Walls - Lighting on TV Walls

In order to create a cool effect, some owners often install personalized lighting on the TV wall. Although this can bring about a better decorative effect, if the light is too cool, it will damage the eyesight, and long-term watching TV is prone to visual fatigue. Therefore, in the video wall lighting effect, or to set off the main, do not use high brightness lighting products.

What should you pay attention to when you decorate your TV wall?

In order to protect the vision of themselves and their families, and to better watch TV programs, everyone needs to grasp the distance between the sofa and the TV wall. Experts believe that the best distance from the human eye to the TV is 3.5 times the size of the TV, so we can't make the TV wall too thick, otherwise it will lead to a smaller living room and waste valuable space, leading to the distance between the TV and the TV. Nearly, visual effects and visual acuity are affected.

Renovation TV Wall to pay attention to what - TV wall material and color

When building a video wall, everyone should choose the materials and colors according to the style of decoration. If your home is in Chinese style, it is recommended that you use a wooden carved TV wall; if your home is European style, you can use the microcrystalline video wall; if your home is a modern style, you can use wallpaper TV wall or hand-painted TV wall.

What should you pay attention to the decoration of the TV wall - consider the thickness of the floor tiles and baseboards

In order to present a more beautiful and elegant effect, when people are decorating the video wall, the thickness of the floor tiles and the thickness of the baseboard should all be taken into consideration, so that the style of the TV wall and the living room can be harmonized. If the skirting line is not used in home improvement, the panel and gypsum board should be installed on the ground to prevent moisture.

The above is about the decoration TV wall to pay attention to what to pay attention to and the video wall decoration construction of the five major points of the relevant sharing, for everyone to make a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, the latter will bring us more Wonderful content.

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