Rare earth new policy transfer competition focus on environmental standards first introduced

Abstract The value of rare earth is increasingly highlighted. The rare earth stocks have become hot-selling, and the rare earth mines continue to make huge profits. This has forced the government to accelerate the introduction of rare earths.

The value of rare earths has been increasingly highlighted. The rare earth stocks have become hot-selling, and the rare earth mines have continued to make huge profits. This has forced the government to accelerate the introduction of rare earth “new policies” and complete the hot and chaotic industry as soon as possible. Rectification.

On February 16, the State Council announced the "New Deal" of rare earths, which opened a series of policies and rules related to the rare earth industry. According to the requirements of the State Council, the New Deal will mainly implement more stringent protective mining policies and ecological environmental protection standards for rare earths. The meeting proposed that we should strive to form a sustainable and healthy development pattern of rare earth industry with rational development, orderly production, efficient use, advanced technology and intensive development in about 5 years.  

"The relevant environmental protection standards as the key considerations for the "Rare Earth Industry Access Conditions" will be officially introduced in the near future." Insiders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology told reporters that for large-scale rare earth enterprises, the technological transformation of the rare earth industry will also become more integrated than rare earth resources. For more critical competition, the government is already working on relevant support policies.

Most companies are unable to meet the standards

According to the latest requirements of the State Council Rare Earth New Deal, the rare earth industry must first establish an industry supervision system, implement more stringent protective mining policies and ecological environmental protection standards for rare earth resources, and strictly control industry and environmental access.

"The relevant environmental standards that have been brewing for a long time will be officially promulgated in the near future, which will be an important consideration for the access of the rare earth industry." Insiders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology told reporters.

According to the reporter's understanding, the "Rare Earth Industrial Pollutant Emission Standards" jointly designated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine are the environmental protection standards referred to by the State Council Rare Earth New Deal, and the two ministries have conducted the rare earth industry for several years. The document formed by the special investigation, the "Standard" has detailed regulations on the emission and energy consumption of rare earth enterprises, and has strictly restricted the qualifications of enterprises engaged in rare earth production, and has become another long-term rare earth policy in China. - An important consideration policy for the "Entry Conditions". It is reported that this policy will be the first environmental standard in the world specifically for the rare earth industry.

However, insiders of Baotou Steel Rare Earth told the China Times reporter that according to the previous draft for comments, the environmental protection standards are quite strict. If strictly implemented, most rare earth enterprises and even large enterprises will not be able to meet the standards. However, if the environmental standards are officially implemented, the effect will not be apparent until two years later. Because the implementation time of this standard is said to be different for new rare earth enterprises and existing rare earth enterprises, existing enterprises will have a two-year buffer period in order to transform themselves.

Previously, the government had clearly stipulated that in order to protect resources and upgrade technology, five rare earth enterprises from Baotou Steel, China National Color, Chinalco, Minmetals and Jiangtong would integrate small enterprises to control production capacity and produce fixed sales.

Wang Guozhen, a rare earth industry expert who participated in the drafting of the "Standards", also pointed out that because the environmental protection standards have given the existing rare earth enterprises a two-year buffer period, and the profits of the rare earth industry are high, some enterprises that fail to meet the standards will try their best to reform. Out of the game, companies that have been eliminated because of environmental standards will not officially appear until the Standards are officially introduced two years later.

Technology transformation into a new competitive point

Among the four new rare earth new policies proposed by the State Council, two of them mentioned the promotion of technological transformation of the rare earth industry: First, the rare earth industry is required to accelerate integration, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, further promote the development and integration of rare earth resources, accelerate the merger and reorganization of the industry, and increase industrial concentration. degree. Promote technological transformation of enterprises; second, propose to accelerate the research and development and industrialization of key application technologies for rare earths.

“Rare earth integration has been carried out to a certain extent. For example, the rare earth enterprises in the north are basically integrated into Baotou Steel. The further integration of rare earths is still the general direction, but the technological transformation will obviously become a new competitive point for major rare earth enterprises.” Tell the reporter of China Times.

At present, the light rare earth resources in the northern region have been basically integrated by the rare earths of Baotou Steel. At present, the resources competition of the rare earth industry is mainly concentrated in the southern regions such as Jiangxi, which have medium and heavy rare earth resources.

The above-mentioned insiders of Baotou Steel also told reporters that although Baotou Steel Rare Earth is also eager to invest in the southern medium-heavy rare earth resources, because of the huge profits of rare earth mines, it is difficult for central enterprises to obtain local government support for the integration of local resources, so the integration of rare earth industry is very difficult. The new rare earth mines are also difficult to obtain, so the efficient and balanced use of existing resources by large rare earth enterprises has become an important issue.

Although the rare earth resources are getting hotter and the production is growing rapidly, the problems of extensive mining methods, low resource utilization, and environmental pollution have not been improved. According to statistics, the resource utilization rate of Baotou rare earth mine is only 10%~15%. The recovery rate of Sichuan Dechang rare earth ore is less than 30%. For every ton of ion-type rare earth ore, 4~5 tons of ammonium sulfate is consumed. 1.7 tons of ammonium bicarbonate, separation of 1 ton of southern ion-type rare earth ore consumes 8 to 10 tons of hydrochloric acid, 6 to 8 tons of liquid alkali or 1 to 1.2 tons of liquid ammonia. These heavily used chemical raw materials are ultimately converted into waste water, waste or waste gas, which cannot be effectively recycled.

Professor Huang Xiaowei of Beijing Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals believes that the fundamental way out for enterprises is to vigorously develop high-efficiency clean extraction processes for rare earths, reduce or eliminate “three wastes” pollution from the source, and strive to improve resource utilization. "The state should increase investment in science and technology and environmental protection, and establish and improve the intellectual property and standard protection system." Huang Xiaowei believes.

At the theme forum of “Efficient Clean Extraction and Recycling of China's Rare Earth Resources” held recently, experts at the meeting also suggested that the government establish a recycling system and mechanism, and provide preferential subsidies and other policy support.  

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