Pesticide control fruit and vegetable virus disease is the key to grasping the high temperature period

During the high temperature period, the fruits and vegetables in the field often cause vegetable virus diseases due to the high temperature fire. Therefore, in July and August when the temperature is very high, we should pay attention to the disease of fruit and vegetable viruses, and we need to take scientific techniques to prevent and prevent it. The China Pesticide Network Xiaobian will share with you the measures to effectively cure the disease of fruits and vegetables.
First, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to promote healthy and healthy growth of plants.
Second, for peppers and other fruits and vegetables, improve the cultivation of each plant at each hole by 2 to 3 plants per hole, so as to increase the plant density to achieve mutual shading. It is also possible to cultivate higher shade crops between the fields or cover them with shade nets.
Third, if the fruit and vegetable diseases have already appeared in the field, when managing the field, the robust plants should be operated first, and then the plants with diseased infections should be operated; for serious plants, the plants need to be removed without losing the opportunity. These plants are then taken to a place far from the field for deep burial.
Fourth, for those fruits and vegetables that are not infected with diseases, you can use 100 to 150 times of 83 anti-agents to spray with 1000 times of Zhijianbao II for effective pesticide control. For those fruits that have been infected with diseases, you can use leaflets. The enemy is 400 times and the Zhijianbao II 1000 times mixture is cured.

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