Multi-category modal bolts run in the process of replenishing the colloidal bag

Repair in the case of normal water stop operation. The advantage of this kind of repair in the case of normal water-blocking operation is that the project can not lose working ability due to breaking a small hole or a crack, and can continue to run for a long time, saving time, labor, saving, and saving. Water resources. The disadvantage is that the sealing method of this repair method has no sticking method, and it is impossible to stop all the water in the dam from outside. In addition, it must be observed frequently, and abnormalities are dealt with in time.

In summary, the above two repair methods for rubber dam bags have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to flexibly apply the above two repair methods for various specific situations in order to make the rubber dam project operate safely, save costs, and fully utilize its Engineering benefits.

Development and manufacturing of two-way/T0 bolts Two-way/T0 bolts have been developed. Since the completion of the third-grade rubber dam of Baiyang, Nanyang City, it has been repaired three times. After the completion of the second-stage rubber dam, no thorough adhesion was made. The Baihe River Basin covers an area of ​​12,200km2, and the Nanyang Rubber Dam controls a drainage area of ​​3,660km2. The Yahekou Reservoir has been built 42km upstream of the rubber dam. The controlled drainage area is 3030km2. The Baihe Rubber Dam is responsible for a considerable flood discharge task every year. It is said that it wears a certain degree of wear and hangs almost every year. At the same time, the rubber dam is the pivotal project of the Baihe Scenic Area. Due to funding and other reasons, it is impossible to carry out thorough maintenance every year. Therefore, it is inevitable that the rubber dam can be repaired under normal water-blocking operation.

At present, most of the rubber dams used in the repair are repaired by the clamp method of the steel plate bolt combination. However, we have gradually realized in the operation, management and rubber dam repair practice in the past few years that the clamping method of this steel plate bolt combination is far from meeting the needs of many complicated situations in reality, especially this kind of The method must put the combination of steel plate bolts into the dam bag, and then use a steel plate outside the dam bag to clamp the dam bag. In many cases, the steel plate cannot be placed in the dam bag, especially when the rubber dam bag plug is opened. It is even more impossible to use this method. Therefore, based on various complicated actual situations, combined with our actual maintenance experience over the past few years, we have developed a repair kit that can be used flexibly in various situations and is very convenient to operate. This is the two-way/T0 type. bolt.

The manufacturing process of the two-way/T0 type bolts is to use a bolt of 90 mm or 100 mm length and a diameter of 12 mm to remove the bolt head. Two-way / T0 bolt blank size o cut: DK7732C-3A type wire cutter is used to cut the workpiece through the thread from the middle to form two semi-cylinders. Two-way / T0 bolt profile hook: The workpiece processed in the front is placed in the blacksmith to burn red, and then the part without the thread is bent outward to 90b. Since the accuracy of the hook part is not high, this procedure It can be done by experienced ironsmith masters. Pay attention not to damage the threaded part when bending, and then trim the hook part slightly and put it into cold water to cool it. At the same time, it has the effect of quenching and improves the strength of the workpiece.

Conclusion The bidirectional/T0 type bolts we developed have made the rubber dam not lose the working ability of the whole project due to one or several damages of the dam bag, and it is convenient and reliable to use. In the past few years, the success of the Baihe second and third grade rubber dams has been successful. It has protected precious water resources, greatly reduced the cost of maintenance projects, and saved huge economic losses for the unit. For some economic conditions, it is not sufficient. For the water conservancy project management unit, the development of the two-way/T0 type bolt has more economic value and popularization and application value. However, the bidirectional/T0 type bolts also have their limitations. When conditions permit, the bolts should also be removed and glued in the waterless field by cold bonding.

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