Maritime Department Safety Supervision

Maritime Department Safety Supervision The Maritime Administration of the Ministry of Transport recently issued a notice requiring all levels of maritime management agencies to fully deploy, advance prevention, timely early warning, and actively control, fully implement safety supervision responsibilities, and ensure safe, orderly and unimpeded water transportation in the flood season and typhoon season.

In response to the severe situation of flood prevention and anti-typhoon work, the maritime management department will step up inspections and rectification of hidden dangers and on-site supervision. The accident-prone and flood-prone areas and passenger ships, dangerous goods transport ships, coastal construction ships, gravel transport ships, unpowered ships, Long-term anchored ships will strengthen inspections and supervise the implementation of anti-reaction measures.

According to the scope and degree of possible impact of severe weather, the maritime authorities will take measures such as restrictions on navigation and air navigation, and if necessary, order the relevant units to stop production operations. Severely investigate and prosecute illegal acts such as sick sailing, overloading, insufficient manning, and navigation in over-travel areas, and close customs clearances and on-site inspections, and urge seafarers to abide by relevant safety rules and obey the traffic control requirements issued by the competent authorities to prevent ship adventures. Sailing.

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     Reinforcement: High tenacity polyester filament, circular weaving.

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     Temperature range from -50℃ to +70℃.

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Layflat Hose

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