Liquid wallpaper market continues to expand the paint industry

Liquid wallpaper market continues to expand The quality, service life, and price war all made the Chinese wallpaper market suffer from development pains. However, as consumers attach importance to home furnishing, the wallpaper industry has gradually shaken off the situation and made great strides.

With the continuous expansion of the liquid wallpaper market, the market share of coatings has been affected. What should coating companies do?

Market share has risen steadily In recent years, driven by some well-known wallpaper or wall covering companies, the market share of the wallpaper industry has gradually increased from the low point of 3% to 8%. According to data published by the IGI International Wallpaper Association, in 2008, the world’s wallpaper consumption was the largest in China and North America, up 20% year-on-year, but China’s per capita consumption wallpaper was only 0.3 square meters and Japan’s was 5.4 square meters.

Rapid growth and considerable market potential, making many domestic wallpaper companies began to optimistic about the development prospects of the wallpaper industry, the industry believes that the market share of Chinese wallpaper should account for more than 70% -80%.

Energy-saving and environmental protection is the biggest selling point In recent years, under the guidance of the trend of green environmental protection and returning to nature, people are increasingly advocating natural materials decorations. In the wall decoration materials also gradually abandoned the use of a wide range of but not environmentally friendly plastic surface wallpaper, and favor the wallpaper made of natural materials.

In this case, selling wallpaper products with environmental protection has become a matter of course. Driven by enterprises and consumers, the road to energy saving and environmental protection for wallpaper products has gradually become clear and has become an important direction for the development of the wallpaper industry.

The rapid development of China's wallpaper industry At present, China's wallpaper quality, color, variety, grade, function can be comparable to foreign wallpaper, has reached the international advanced level. First of all, it was demonstrated in the superior performance of environmental protection. In 2008, the results of national mandatory spot checks also showed that 89% of products meet the requirements of international green environmental protection. With the wide application of natural environmental protection materials, wallpaper has become a truly low-carbon product.

At the same time, construction is simple and easy to replace. The wallpaper has been patterned in the factory and then directly pasted on the wall. It is simpler to construct than the stone board, and is more clean than the paint. It is easy to replace and does not pollute the indoor environment. In addition, the wallpaper has many colors, materials, and functions, which can meet the individual needs of different consumers.

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