Leju Knowledge Corner Asia Rosewood Introduction

Asian pear refers not to a single type of wood, but to a general term for a class of wood. The wood of the genus Pterocarpus is divided into three categories: rosewood, rosewood, and Asian rosewood. Rosewood and rosewood belong to the category of redwood national standard, while Asian pear is not.

There are 30 kinds of wood in the red sandalwood, and there is only one kind of wood of rosewood, namely sandalwood rosewood. There are seven kinds of wood in rosewood. These seven kinds of wood are: Andaman rosewood, Hedgehog rosewood, Vietnamese rosewood, Indian rosewood, bird foot rosewood, sacred rosewood, large fruit rosewood. There are more than twenty kinds of Asian rosewood. The properties of these more than 20 kinds of wood are close to that of rosewood, but they cannot fully meet the standards required by the national standard for rosewood in terms of density, so they are called "Asian pears".

At present, the Asian rosewoods appearing in the Chinese market mainly include African red sandalwood and Angora purple. These two kinds of wood are classified into the Asian rosewood because of the large diameter of the tube hole and the relatively small density. In the market, it is also called "grass pear".

The following are the basic identification features of these two kinds of "Asian pears", which are briefly introduced for consumers to refer to when purchasing furniture.

1. African rosewood: tree height 15-30m, diameter 60-100cm, produced in Nigeria, Congo (Brazil), Congo (Gold), Ghana, Gabon, Angola, Cameroon and other places. The wood heart material is orange red, brick red or purple red, often with dark stripes, scratches visible; wood shavings or wood chips water immersion liquid fluorescence, rich aroma. The African rosewood has a fine structure, staggered texture, small shrinkage and medium weight, and a basic density of 0.55-0.67g/cm3.

2. Angola rosewood: wood sapwood is light gray or yellow, width 3-5cm, heartwood color from brown to purple brown, sometimes with dark stripes, distinct from sapwood. Angola red sandalwood growth wheel is clearer, the wood is shiny, with a weak aroma. The wood has a small shrinkage, a medium weight, and a dry density of about 0.64 g/cm3.

Reference: Asian pear Koso air dry density is greater than 0.76g / cm3 high oil, heartwood is reddish brown, dark brick red to purple brown, fine structure, uniform; wood is very heavy, hard, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance Excellent, dry shrinkage, precious wood.

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