King Kong net security screen products have 6 advantages

King Kong net features: anti-rat, anti-mosquito, fire, high temperature, flame retardant, high strength, strong toughness, and the surface color is bright and beautiful, can better increase the air circulation rate and the sun's light. Uses: Used in high-grade office buildings, residential and various construction, livestock farms, orchards and other protective equipment for doors and windows. Specifications: 11 mesh 0.8mm, 10 mesh 0.9mm, 12 mesh 0.7mm, etc.

King Kong Network

King Kong Network

1. Security protection: the introduction of American door and window expertise, the use of high-density anti-theft steel wire materials and the addition of difficult technical processing, so that the gauze has anti-high impact, anti-cutting and other functions, truly anti-mosquito anti-theft environmental protection, etc. One-in-one function

2. Emergency escape: In the event of a fire accident, the patented emergency escape function, flexible internal opening locks, free folding and opening, ensure that the precious time of escape will not be delayed, and the safety will be out of danger.

3. Prevent falling from high altitude: equipped with double-safe mechanical locks to prevent high-altitude accidents in children and old people playing in the room.

4. Invisible and transparent: zero line of sight blocking, zero-distance visual communication with the outside world, can maintain the circulation of natural fresh air 24 hours a day, reduce the sub-health brought by air conditioning, so that you and your family will always have a healthy body and mind.

5.Environmental protection and energy saving: This product has no barrier feeling. The color of the selected materials will be based on the color of the user's home windows and doors. It will achieve zero occlusion and zero pressure. The indoors will remain bright and natural at any time, and communicate easily with the outside world.

6. Easy care: This product is made of special materials, which is convenient for care. It is bright and new, and the life is 10 times that of ordinary screens. King Kong net screen, gold steel net security screen, crossbar security screen, magnetic anti-theft screen

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The Mining Roadheader series products are suitable for non-explosive heading projects in the mining field.  They are provided for customers who are not allowed to use explosive methods in coal mines and tunnel engineering.  A series of products are widely used in coal mines, railway highway tunnels, water conservancy projects and other fields. The company's various types of roadheaders meet the customer's design of various sizes of roadways, tunnels, of shale, sandstone, mudstone, coal rock, coal and other rock tunnels and coal mine tunnels with a Platts hardness below 120Mpa.

At present, the roadheader has become the core equipment of mining mechanization and plays an extremely important role in the coal mining process. NHG comprehensively carried out the research and development of advanced technology and equipment for roadheaders in combination with advantageous resources. At present, EBZ100, EBZ132, EBZ160, EBZ180, EBZ230, EBZ260, EBZ280, EBZ300, EBZ320 and other more than 20 types of machines have been developed, and roadheader products have formed a good brand reputation and influence in the international market. The application of these products not only meets the needs of customers, but also effectively improves the service life and production efficiency of the roadheader. 

Mining Roadheader

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