Japan Seiko (NSK) opens the thinnest motor

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Japan Seiko (NSK) opens the thinnest motor

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-10-25

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Japan Seiko (NSK) announced the opening of the 35mm DD (direct drive) motor "ultra-thin Megatorque Motor0鸓N2012"; (it is said to be the world's thinnest motor) and has begun to accept orders. This thickness is not constrained at the corner. The DD motor is "the thinnest in the world". This improved internal structure of the motor; the thickness is 10% smaller than the original "YS ultra-thin motor".
The torque of the new motor is 12N0é¹ ; the original 2. 4 times. It can complete the high acceleration and deceleration drive of the motor and shorten the positioning time.
Under normal circumstances; semiconductor manufacturing equipment and liquid crystal production equipment and other requirements have azimuth fine-tuning function. Japan Seiko selects a small orientation detector; completes the positioning of 2.62 million subdivisions. This orientation detector is built into the production equipment; Startability, improved production power.

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