Introduction to putty

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Putty (filling mud) is a kind of decorative condensing material that flattens the surface of the wall. It is a kind of thick slurry coating, which is an indispensable product before painting. Apply to the primer or directly to the object to remove the unevenness on the surface of the object. It is prepared by using a small amount of paint base, a large amount of filler and an appropriate amount of coloring pigment. The pigments used are mainly iron red, carbon black, chrome yellow and the like. The filler is mainly calcium bicarbonate, talc, and the like. It can fill the working surface with partial depression or scrape off the entire surface, usually after the primer layer is dry and applied to the surface of the primer layer. It requires good adhesion and no cracks during baking.

Putty putty refers to the method of filling or whole processing to remove the uneven surface of the base layer and keep the wall smooth and smooth, which is the most important step in the processing of the base layer.

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