How to open the safe

How to open the safe to open the safe safe password to forget how to do
The number lock on the safe holds the key to the unlocking. The common number lock has three sets of unlock numbers, each with a two-digit number. There are three rotating discs (wheels) inside the three groups of number locks. Each disc has a notch. According to a certain operation method, turn the dial (left and right) to the left and right to align the three groups of numbers to the outer ring of the dial. The marking line, driven by the drive to rotate the three discs, can make the notches on the three discs in a straight line in the design position, so that the beam that drives the latch can fall into the gaps of the three discs and the door can be opened. Open (with the drive wheel disc number lock is the beam dropped into the disc gap, in order to push the hook on the beam hook, catch the drive cam (disc) push-pull notch, pull back and unlock the latch.
How to open a mechanical safe?
First, the mechanical password safe open method (assuming the password is 80,25,50)
1. Turn the password dial clockwise so that the scale value “80” on the dial aligns with the reference point on the dial, and then continue three turns clockwise to align the number just above the base point.
2. After the first step is completed, turn the password dial counterclockwise and continue to counterclockwise to the second set of password “25” and the reference point pair.
3. On the basis of completing the above two steps, turn the password dial clockwise again so that the third group of passwords “50” matches the reference point.
4. After the above three steps are completed, the code lock is already open.
5. Insert the key into the lock hole and turn it clockwise by 90°. At this time, the big lock is also in the open state.
6, handle open: The handle to the clockwise or counterclockwise direction to the limit position can be pulled open the door. (The key is to reverse the second password by more than 1 lap and 2 laps. Each time you want to be correct, you can't turn it around.)
Note: If you see the numbers once, if the last digit of each dial is overturned, you must start over and you cannot turn.
Second, a simple memory method 1, turn right or three or more than three circles, the first password to stop.
2. Turn left 2 circles to the left, that is, on the basis of the first password, the second number will go to the left 2 or 3 stops and 3 will turn to the right, and the third password will be sighted. Stop.
Remember: Shun-anti-shun, 3, 2, and 1. Then insert the key and rotate it to open it.
What can I do if the safe cannot be opened?
What should I do if the electronic safe cannot be opened?
Open the door with the master key and the emergency key, and there is a reset button inside it, click:
1 Enter the new password, press the # key;
2 Restore the factory password. # Factory password #* New password # Enter in sequence.
If this method is tried after the safe is still open, you can use the following emergency opening methods:
When the electronic password system fails to work properly, use the emergency power box plug (or similar thin rod) to top the small hole directly under the panel, top the emergency lock cover in the panel, insert the emergency lock key, and rotate counterclockwise. The emergency key opens the electronic lock and opens again with the door lock.
Second, how to do if the mechanical safe cannot be opened?
Mechanical safes, unlike electronic safes, can reset passwords and can only call the safe's factory for original records.
What should I do if I forget my password?
First, you can use the emergency key: Because each safe will be equipped with an emergency key when it is sold, that is, if you forget the password, you can open the safe with the master key.
2. Contact the safe dealer or the technical department of the manufacturer directly for help. Some safes can reset their passwords through the original password.
3, it is impossible to go to the formal unlocking company (must be in the police for the record) for help.
4, if the above method can not open the safe, it can only destroy the box unlocked.

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