How to increase the use efficiency of hydraulic freight elevators?

Strengthening the daily maintenance of hydraulic freight elevators is a guarantee for improving the intact rate of lift equipment. One of the measures we take is to carry out regular maintenance and on-demand repairs to extend the service life of hydraulic freight elevators.
First, change the maintenance staff busy to cope with the passive situation of repair, scientific analysis of the equipment to make a reasonable determination of the investment in equipment, while the characteristics of the work, arrange for professionals to be health care practitioners, to take the scene to track maintenance, so that the hydraulic freight elevator has been It is in a safe and economical operating state, which ensures the timely loading and unloading of supplies;
Second, improve the relevant management system, strengthen the dynamic management of equipment failures, carry out state monitoring of key parts, and analyze the law of failures through maintenance files;
Third, to ensure the maintenance of spare parts supply, with spare parts and common parts spare parts library and acquisition channels, to avoid inadequacy of preparation, there will be extended maintenance time and increase the cost of repairs.
Fourth, to strengthen the professional quality and professionalism of hydraulic freight elevator maintenance personnel, so that they can deal with the fault in the shortest possible time, first, to strengthen the technical training of maintenance personnel, so that each maintenance personnel are familiar with the equipment they are well aware of The second is the understanding of the performance of the equipment accessories. The original model is the best choice when repairing, but consider how to replace when the accessories are not supplied in time.
As long as we do the above, we can make our use of hydraulic lifts more efficient.

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