Household appliances need to do fire protection work in summer

Summer heat and rain are prone to fires, especially in recent rainy weather, adding fire hazards, and the incidence of household appliances is about 40% higher than usual. Do a good job in summer home appliance fire prevention, in addition to the correct installation, use, maintenance, storage, but also to grasp the summer climate characteristics, to achieve targeted.

Usually pay attention to check and maintain the household appliances, and find that the insulation parts are damaged and the power line aging should be replaced in time. When the appliance is not in use, it is best to turn off the power and unplug it. When cleaning household appliances, it is best not to use a damp rag. Once you encounter a fire in the appliance, do not use water, but use a quilt tightly wrapped to extinguish the fire.

In summer, there is a lot of rain and the humidity of the air is high, which may cause the related parts of the household appliance to be damp, resulting in leakage, short circuit and fire. If you find that the appliance is damp, it is best to blow it with a blower for a while. The vacuum cleaner should not be used in wet places, nor should it be washed with water to prevent the motor from being short-circuited due to moisture; the television and recorder should not allow rain or liquid to drip onto its back cover with vents.

In the summer, there are many lightnings. Thunder and lightning can not only kill people and animals, but also damage buildings. It can also cause fires and explosions. The installation of lightning protection equipment is also a necessary measure for fire prevention of home appliances. TV outdoor antenna, lightning arrester should be installed and well grounded.

The quality of home appliances is uneven, some products are aging fast, and some products are slow to age. Mr. Nie, a photoelectric refrigeration station, told reporters that a variety of situations can cause home appliances to ignite spontaneously. Due to the high temperature in summer, it is very easy to cause fire after the line is aging, and should avoid the "overdue service" of home appliances. If you find that the appliance is abnormal, you should turn off the power and send it to the professional store for repair. Huaxi Community News Intern reporter Lu Hui

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