German scientists develop sodium-air batteries to make progress

Researchers from Giessen University, Karlsruhe Research Center and BASF have cooperated to replace the most commonly used metal lithium as electrode materials with sodium metal, and designed a new energy storage and release scheme - "sodium-air battery "And developed a battery sample.

"Sodium-air battery" in the voltage of about 2.2 volts during the discharge process, the alkali metal sodium on the cathode of the carbon material and the oxygen in the air combined into a stable peroxide, in the charging process, sodium ions are reduced to The metal sodium releases oxygen, the efficiency of charge-discharge process reaches 80%-90%, and the theoretical electric energy density can reach 1600W/kg. Although the lithium electrode can theoretically achieve higher electrical energy density than lithium materials, the electrochemical process in which sodium and oxygen combine into peroxides is more stable than lithium. Therefore, this new type of "sodium-air battery" has the advantages of high stability and low voltage loss. Researchers believe that the results of this study show that sodium materials also have the prospect of being a new battery system electrode material in the future.

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