Four styles of cloth to create a warm and soft bedroom

Part1: Pastoral style bedroom soft suit

Natural comfort, the most natural comfort. The pastoral-style bedroom is soft-furnished, is a bed of colorful tones, is a frameless painting with a rural style, and has red flower curtains. The room is full of natural wind, do you feel it?

A: Luolai home textile Mocha time cotton satin fashion four-piece suit

Price: 749.0 yuan

Brand: Luolai Home Textiles

Applicable bed width: 1.8m bed

Color: Chocolate

Luolai home textile Mocha time cotton satin fashion four-piece scene scene

Luolai home textile Mocha time cotton satin fashion four-piece suit details

Recommended reason: colorful colors, stripes struck! This mocha time cotton satin bedding, 100% high-grade combed worsted cotton satin printed fabric, soft and skin-friendly, delicate and silky, and the fabric uses active printing process, natural and healthy It will not fade, and create the perfect enjoyment of the pastoral comfort and nature for your home.

B: McVadred red garden flower curtain

Price: 85.0 yuan

Brand: McVide

color: red

Mcvid's red pastoral flower curtain scene

Detail of McVede red idyllic flower curtain

Reason for recommendation: This McVeid pastoral-style fabric curtain, Roman curtain style, red pastoral flower pattern, is pretty and natural, fresh and lively, just like the blooming flowers blooming in your bedroom, showing you the beauty of nature.

Part2: European style bedroom soft suit

Noble and elegant, European style is preferred. The Sydney Love Song jacquard bed sheet interprets the pure classic of off-white, the classic Warner bedside rug allows you to experience the soft time, and the European-style bedside lamp, classic, classic, exquisite, we experience together.

A: Fuanna Sydney Love Songs Jacquard Sheet Set

Price: 1408.0 yuan

Applicable bed width: 1.8m bed

Color: Beige

Bedding type: four piece set

Fuanna Sydney Love Song Jacquard Sheets Four-piece Scene

Recommended reason: Beige classic, exquisite and enjoyable to see. This Sydney love song cotton jacquard bed linen, elegant and bedding, provides your bedroom with comfort and warmth. Pure cotton material, luxurious enjoyment, brings you high-end, noble experience, let happiness and comfort bloom.

B: Qijuliangpin cotton classical Werner carpet doormat

Price: 598.0 yuan

Specification: 140 * 200cm

Material: pure cotton

Color: beige

Odd Living Goods Classical Werner Carpet Doormat Scene

Reason for recommendation: Pure cotton hand-woven carpets, classic Werner style, showing the atmosphere. With elegant floral patterns and beige European warmth, the product adds a classic European atmosphere to your bedroom. A flower blooming is a world, and your perfect life is reflected in this big world.

Part3: Mediterranean style bedroom soft suit

Mediterranean style, not only appreciate the style, but also interesting. It is a confession of dreams with square top mosquito nets, a solid wooden Mediterranean style retro photo frame, and a hand-woven SGL Mediterranean style mat. It is a bedroom home. Looking up, you are in the Mediterranean.

A: The confession of RZ home textile dreams

Price: 398.0 yuan

Color: Beige

Specifications: 150 * 195cm; 180 * 195cm

Fabric: 100% polyester

Confession of RZ Home Textile Dream's Fangding Mosquito Net

Recommended reason: Do you feel the cream-white dream tonight? The confession of RZ Home Textile Dream's confession square top mosquito net, like the dreamy light-gauze polyester, tells you the story of the dream, so that the laughter of life is engraved one by one in the light-gauze mosquito net.

B: Singular Mediterranean Sicilian Rug

Price: 138.0 yuan

Color classification: blue yellow grid

Carpet size: 120 * 180cm

Process: hand-woven

Scenery of the odd-quality Sigiri Mediterranean style rug

Recommended reason: blue and yellow weave, telling stories about the Mediterranean. This Sigiri Mediterranean style rug is separated by blue and yellow, and has a delicate and unique design. It is made of 100% native cotton. It is especially suitable for bedroom rugs and gives you the enjoyment of pure cotton, such as the bathing wind.

Part4: Simple style bedroom soft suit

Simple fashion, from the enjoyment of cotton, is a sense of well-being lit by the bedside lamp, but also from the simple and comfortable carpet under the feet, free combination, easy and simple.

A: Four-piece cotton twill suit of Luolai Home Textiles

Price: 699.0 yuan

Brand: Luolai Home Textiles

Details: pillowcase * 2, bed sheet * 1, quilt cover * 1

Luo Lai Home Textiles British Dancing Cotton Twill Four-piece Scene

Luolai Home Textiles British Dancing Cotton Twill Four-piece Detail

Recommended reason: This bedding product is available in five-foot bed and six-foot bed. High-grade combed cotton twill printed fabric, comfortable and delicate touch, fine and thick reactive printing process, natural environmental protection does not fade. Fashionable stripe printing, simple lines match, make your bedroom lively and quiet, simple and uneven.

B: Qijuliangpin hand-woven carpet floor mats in the living room and bedroom

Price: 138.0 yuan

Carpet size: 120 * 180cm Material: 100% native cotton

Qijuliangpin hand-woven living room bedroom carpet floor mat scene

Recommended reason: Sigli's simple mixed color blue stripes, is the seaside style, or the sky walk, as you like. The exquisite hand-woven fabrics interpret the simple and stylish bedroom style, let you feel the softness of your feet, and make your bedroom romantic everywhere.

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