Expert Weapon: Three strokes to easily identify the authenticity of waterproof material

Prof. Pei Peihua, the waterproof professional committee of the Shenzhen Civil Construction Society, advises consumers to go to large-scale chain building materials supermarkets to purchase waterproof materials. On how to identify true and false, Pei Huahua also supports the following measures:

1. Weigh the weight.

At present, many of the waterproof materials on the market will have some differences in weight from the weight marked on the barrel. Consumers can weigh on the spot at the time of purchase to avoid being smeared.

2. Check the security code.

Now counterfeiters will also set up inquiries and inquiry barcodes. Consumers can look up the website of a genuine trademark manufacturing company on the website and inquire according to the query on the website.

3. Check the waterproof effect.

Take the polymer waterproof material as an example, the genuine product can remove the rubber from the wall and floor with a knife, and the fold will not be broken. Many counterfeit and counterfeit products are in powder form and are difficult to remove from the wall.