Editor's note

Editor's Note: Starting from the first issue of this year, this journal will publish a series of articles by Comrade Li Yunhao on "Induction Heating in the Forging Industry". This series will introduce the basics of induction heating, the current frequency, power and heating time of induction heating, the design and calculation of conventional (including variable pitch), the selection of rectifier transformer and power supply, harmonic analysis and suppression of power grid. . The key points will be introduced: design and calculation of carbon steel warm forging and cold cutting ("blue brittle" cutting) inductors, design calculation of aluminum billets and copper billet inductors, design calculation of hollow cylinder (tube) heating inductors, and local design Design calculations for U-shaped, rectangular, and multi-station sensors, design and calculation of profiled and variable-section sensors. Finally, the design points of induction heating in the forging plant and the economic and technical analysis of induction heating used in the forging plant will be introduced. Each time you use 3500-5000 words to introduce 1~2 contents, after reading all the readers, you can refer to the relevant content and examples to carry out the arrangement and planning of the induction heating equipment in the forging factory, manage and select the induction heating equipment, and carry out the necessary Design, calculation. A total of 12 topics, planned to be published in one year.

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