During the second renovation, the door and window replacement comprehensive skills introduction


[China Aluminum Industry Network] Part1 Planning for replacement

Door and window manufacturing is an industry with a relatively low threshold, and family workshop-style stores are all over the streets. The price of high-quality doors and windows is not low. The owner should consider various related issues before replacing windows and doors, such as which doors and windows need to be changed. What material doors and windows do you replace? How to choose a variety of doors and windows and so on. Here's one for one to answer the questions of the owners.

First, determine the need to replace the doors and windows

The key to the replacement of doors and windows is that the renovation fund is not enough. If money is enough, all or most of it will be replaced better, so that the style is unified and more beautiful. And if the money is not enough, you can change the part, the other first will be used. Such as home security door if the quality is good, just replace the lock on the line. Other indoor doors and windows are subject to availability.

Second, know the material of doors and windows

The current door and window materials mainly include wooden doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. The advantages and disadvantages of doors and windows of different materials and prices are not the same, the owner needs to choose the right door and window material in combination with their own needs and economic conditions.

Whether it is to decide which material door and window to choose, we must carefully study the method of distinguishing the quality of this material. It is suggested that the doors and windows must be purchased in the formal building materials market. Of course, small road and window shops on the roadside are not obligatory, but they must go to door and window shops with high reputation, long operating hours, and good reputation.

Third, the general process of replacing windows and doors

Consulting property: At present, many residential property regulations, in order to maintain the appearance of a unified, can not replace the material, shape and color of doors and windows. Therefore, in the replacement of facade doors and windows, you need to first consult the property to see if you agree to install. Door and window replacement is generally required at the beginning of the renovation, and then the next step in the renovation construction.

Door-to-door manufacturers' door-to-door measurement: After full understanding and preparation in the early stage, choose the right door and window manufacturers. General door and window manufacturers will have technical personnel to the site for on-site measurement and inspection. After the on-site measurement, the technician needs to make drawings and make quotations. Then, if the owner approves the proposed plan, the door and window manufacturers will process the product according to the plan. The general product production period is 20-30 days. After the product is made, you can begin to remove old doors and windows and install new doors and windows.

Part2 Demolition of old windows and doors to save money has a coup

As the saying goes, old and new, to remove the old talent to fill out the new position. Before the new doors and windows are installed, the old doors and windows need to be removed first. The old doors and windows can't be removed too soon. Generally, new doors and windows are installed as soon as the old doors and windows are removed. The old windows and doors that were removed can not be thrown away as garbage, it can also be depreciated and help the owner save a fortune!

First, the demolition of the old doors and windows selection

If the owner has his own experience, he can remove it and then sell the old doors and windows to the collection of waste; or choose the person who collects the old doors and windows on the market, who will be responsible for the demolition, but will also charge back some old doors and windows, but generally not Will be very high; the other is to let the door and window manufacturers to dismantle, more reliable and safe, but in accordance with industry practice, remove the doors and windows directly pull away the top removal fee. However, what kind of method, the cost of dismantling doors and windows can be crossed out of expenses.

Second, the old doors and windows removal considerations

1, pay attention to personnel safety

The removal of doors and windows is a relatively laborious task. If it is high-level, special attention must be paid to the safety of construction personnel. When demolition of doors and windows, special safety personnel are responsible for safety and set safety warning signs to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

2, to avoid damage to the wall structure

When the doors and windows are removed, it is necessary to avoid the use of sledgehammer mammoth removal to prevent damage to the wall structure. If damage is caused to the original building wall, repairs are still needed, which will greatly increase construction costs.

Third, the general process of door and window removal

Before the door and window demolition work begins, the person in charge of the installation of doors and windows needs to perform a complete safety and technical disclosure of the installation workers. The installation personnel can grasp all kinds of precautions that should be taken into account in the construction of the doors and windows.

1, first remove the door and window fan

Use a screwdriver and a hand hammer to remove the door and window first. During disassembly, one person should be disassembled and one person responsible for the stability of the doors and windows. After the door is dismantled, it should be gently placed.

2, remove the door and window frame

After the sash is removed, the door and window frame can be removed. Generally, you first need to cut the sealant on the inside of the door and window frame with a blade. If the door or window is connected to the wall with an expansion bolt, you can use a screwdriver to remove the expansion bolt. If the expansion bolt is rusted, you can use the impact drill to cut it. Breaking; and if it is connected using a connecting piece directly drill can be used; if the window frame is difficult to remove, you need to use a hacksaw sawing the wall of the box next to remove.

3, cleaning and repairing doors and windows

When the doors and windows are disassembled, some damage to the doors and windows may be caused. If no treatment is performed, it is not conducive to the installation of new doors and windows. Therefore, after the doors and windows are dismantled, it is necessary to check whether the size of the openings is correct, whether they are horizontal and vertical, and handle holes that do not meet the requirements.

Part3 Install new doors and windows to focus on supervision and acceptance

After the old doors and windows are removed, new doors and windows can be installed. When new windows and doors are installed, they need to be more cautious and pay attention to supervision and acceptance in order to avoid various problems such as water leakage and air leakage in the late use of windows and doors.

First, the entry of door and window materials requires acceptance

Install new doors and windows

Door and window materials must be checked and accepted when entering the market. First, the appearance of the inspection, check whether there is damage, fracture; the second is the size of the acceptance, check the four sides of the box size, check the fan's squareness, warping, so that the pre-installation of quality control; the third is to identify the authenticity, according to different materials Identify the method to determine the authenticity of the material, in order to prevent pilferage. In addition, check the fasteners, hardware, reinforced profiles, and metal liners to see if the surface has been treated with anti-corrosion.

Second, the door and window placement need to be careful

After the door and window materials arrive at the construction site, they need to be carefully placed to avoid bumps and wear. General doors and windows should not be in direct contact with the ground. Doors and windows should be padded with non-metallic non-slip mats with a thickness of not less than 30mm. At the same time, door and window frame fans should be placed upright, with an angle of not less than 70 degrees, and anti-dumping measures should be provided. In addition, windows and doors of different specifications should not be stacked. put.

Third, the general process of door and window installation

1, fixed bracket

Method 1: Fixing with a Tab

Method 2: Fix with expansion bolts

2, playing styrofoam

After the doors and windows are adjusted, you need to use styrofoam to fill the gap between the door window frame and the wall. After the styrofoam is cured (usually 2-3 hours, the winter takes longer), the excess styrofoam is cut out

3, install door and window fan and other accessories

After fixing the door and window frame, the door sash and other accessories are installed. Be careful when installing

4, playing sealant

After the styrofoam is blown, the sealant is evenly applied on the periphery of the door and window frame to prevent the rainwater from seeping into the room through the installation gap of the door, the window and the wall.

The general procedure for the installation of doors and windows is to first install the frame, then check if it is safe, and then use styrofoam to fill the gap. Then install the sash and other accessories, sealant to prevent water seepage.

Fourth, door and window installation acceptance

When the doors and windows are installed, careful inspections are also required to detect problems and repair them. General acceptance of windows and doors mainly from the following aspects.

1, check the vertical level of the door window frame

The verticality of the door and window frame can be measured with a horizontal ruler. Line hammers can also be used. The height of doors and windows should be less than 2 meters. The verticality error should be less than 2 millimeters. When the height of doors and windows is more than 2 meters, the error should be less than 3 millimeters; the horizontality of the door window frames. Easy to use level gauge measurement, can also be taken to the glide in the door and window gutter, if the water remains in a horizontal line, indicating the level of the door and window frame; otherwise, it shows that the door and window frame is not installed level; can also be measured with a long pipe, see the two ends of the water level Is it horizontal?

2, check the quality of glass installation

The glass should be smooth, free from spots, and without water lines; the inner and outer surfaces of the double glass should be clean, and there should be no dust and moisture in the glass sandwich, and the partition cannot be tilted. The bead with sealing strip must be tightly attached to the glass. There is no obvious gap at the joint between the bead and the profile. The gap at the joint should be less than or equal to 1 mm.

3, check the tightness of the frame and the fan

The combination between the door and window frame and the fan page should be tight, and there should be no obvious gap at the joint of the fan page seal. When the doors and windows are closed, there should be no obvious gap between the fan and the frame, and the sealing strip on the sealing surface should be in a compressed state.