Dierct Green Dye 6 Direct Dark Green Dye for Cotton

Model NO.: direct green 6
C.I.No.: 30295
Delivery: 15 Days
Application: Textile, Cotton, Silk
Trademark: EMPEROR
Transport Package: 25kg/Drum, Carton
Specification: 100%
Origin: China
HS Code: 32041400
Product Name: Direct Green 6
C.I. No.: 30295
CAS No.: 4335-09-5
Molecular Formula: C34H22N8Na2O10S2
Molecular Weight: 812.70
Shade: Dark green.
Relative Name:
Direct Green B,Direct Dark Green B;Airedale Green BD;Aizen Direct Green BH;Atlantic Green 2B;Atul Direct Green B;Azocard GreenB;Azomine Green B;Benzanil Green BN;Benzo Green CA-CF;Brasilamina Green G;Chloramine Green 3G;Chloramine Green BC;Cotton GreenB;Diacotton Green B;Diazine Green B;Diazine Green DB;Diazol Green BJ;DiphenylGreen BB;Diphenyl Green C;DiphenylGreen KG;Direct Brilliant GreenC;Direct Brilliant Green CBM;Direct Green A;Direct Green B;Direct Green BG;Direct Green BN;Direct Green BP;Direct GreenBX;Direct Green MB;Erie Green GPD;ErieGreen MT;Naphtamine Green B;Nippon Green B;OrbaminGreen B;Phenamine Green BG;Pheno Bright Green;
Direct Green 6 Physical Properties and light fastness, solubility.
Direct Direct Green 6
Dyeing depth % 2
Insolubles % 0.15
Light Fastness 2
Washing Fatness 2-3
Rubbing fastness(dry) 4
Rubbing fastness(wet) 3
Direct Green 6 Properties: dark green. Deep purple powder. Soluble in water for variegated dark green, soluble in acetone and soluble fiber element, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in other organic solvents. The strong sulfuric acid for violet black, diluted to black for violet; In strong hydrochloric acid and nitric acid for purple. The dye solution to generate strong hydrochloric acid dark blue light green precipitation; Add 10% will be more blue sulfuric acid; Add thick sodium hydroxide solution for dark green to olive. Cellulose fiber of dyeing, the dye devoured the gender is good, in the 80 ºC temperature of the largest affinity. Discharge of sensitive to that fights.
In dyeing copper and iron ions are turned dark colored. Mainly used for cotton, hemp, such as glue of cellulose fiber dyeing, also used in cotton and viscose fabric dyeing and printing, also used for silk, polyamide fiber, stick/hair, sticky/ Kam fabric dyeing and printing. Can also be used in paper, soap, leather, regenerated celluloee fiber film shading, also used in the manufacture of color pigment sediment.

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