Detailed explanation of the single king system development

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Order acquisition process
1. Place an order
The attributes and labels of the order and the degree of subdivision of the order determine the accuracy of the system matching.
Taking a taxi as an example, the passenger's order information includes the selected service type, vehicle type, usage time, order time and specific geographic location.
The higher the information level, the better the system analysis.
2. Screen people
For catching orders, the system does not send all orders, but everyone catches orders. The system will filter the more appropriate groups based on the basic information of the order.
If passengers in Beijing have been screening Shanghai drivers and pushing them, I am afraid they will not provide drivers with opportunities to make money, but will disturb them in disguise.
3. Batch push
The system needs to define which qualifications and statuses can be pushed, and determine the access information of a single acquisition card in real time, such as blacklists and people who are not online cannot push.
According to the first group selected, broadcast and push after defining the number.
If there is no answer for the first push, whether to send multiple times, the number and time interval of each push.
4. Emergency orders
Urgent orders involve multiple end conditions for the task. The task needs to set end conditions, such as timeout or empty resources. It cannot be pushed indefinitely, and manual intervention is necessary when necessary.
5. Strategic ranking
The information of the order acquirer may change in real time. In order to ensure the access information of the order acquirer, it is better to add a verification step in the system to improve the effectiveness of the order acquirer.
Executing orders at intervals can simply issue orders in chronological order, the hand moves faster than the hand

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