Chinalco Henan Branch’s electrolytic plant started a new electrolytic cell with a new method and achieved success

The electrolytic plant of Chinalco Henan Henan Branch has succeeded in starting a new electrolytic cell with a new method. Recently, China Aluminium Henan Branch’s electrolytic plant started a new electrolytic cell using a new method that lifts the pitch in advance and uses a cryolite substitute as a filler. . Using this method can save more than 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in the past and reduce costs by nearly 20,000 yuan. In the past, the method used to start the new electrolytic cell was difficult to reach the expected temperature in the roasting stage, which caused some difficulties in the subsequent aluminum filling work. Due to the low bath temperature and dirty electrolyte, invariable effects often occur, which not only wastes raw materials but also is not conducive to safe production. The new start-up method enables the electrolyzer to quickly approach the start-up temperature. The electrolyzer's irregular period management time can be shortened from the original 8 hours to 5 hours. This not only saves raw materials, improves production efficiency and safety factor, but also reduces the labor intensity of employees. , And laid a solid foundation for the future high-quality and high-yield. Source: Chinalco Information Network