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Bearing fault identification method

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-01-12

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It can be identified or guessed if there is any problem with the bearing in the operation; it is very important for improving productivity and economy.
The primary identification method is as follows:
1) After the sound is recognized, it is necessary to identify the sound through the sound. It is necessary to go through ample practice to identify the bearing sound and non-bearing sound.
For this reason, the work should be carried out by a special person. The sound of the bearing can be clearly heard by listening to the sound absorber or listening to the outer casing.
2) The method of identification by the operating temperature is a comparative method; it is only used in occasions where the working conditions are not changed. For this reason, it is necessary to record the temperature continuously.
When there is a problem; the temperature will not only rise; it will also show irregular changes.
This method is suitable for use with sound recognition methods.
3) After the condition of the lubricant is identified, the lubricant is sampled and analyzed; after the turbidity; whether foreign matter or metal powder can be mixed for discrimination.
This method is especially useful for bearings or large bearings that cannot be investigated.

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