Bathroom decoration design and construction precautions

There will always be some regrets in the home decoration, or when the decoration design is poorly considered, or because of negligence during the construction of the decoration, it will leave a “sequel”, especially in the space where the function of the bathroom is supreme and the plumbing is electric. It is in the home decoration. It is difficult to construct. Due to the fact that the current size of toilets is generally too small, the lighting is not ideal, and it is very humid, special attention is required when decorating and arranging toilets. Decoration design, sanitary fixture selection, construction quality, which can not be vague. Whether it is a decoration company or a consumer, as long as you pay little attention to it, you will have regrets. Therefore, in the renovation of a bathroom, you must pay attention to the following aspects:

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First, the decoration design is not flexible, a slight error in the construction will cause a series of rework.

This situation is more common in the bathroom. If the socket on the wall is fixed, it is found that the height of the ceiling is exactly in conflict with it, but at this time the tiles have been attached and it is difficult to change. Also, if the wash basin is installed in place, it is found that the pipeline cannot pass normally and only a few more bends are required to pass out of the bathroom cabinet.

Reminder: Consumers must consider whether existing design solutions and future construction are feasible and flexible before they purchase sanitary products. If the faucet needs to embed a suitable water supply pipe, the bathroom cabinet requires sufficient space for installation. The toilet wall needs to consider the wall distance, the shower room needs to consider the load-bearing wall, the location of the floor drain should be appropriate, etc. These conditions must be considered before the home improvement. Good job, otherwise sanitary products can not be installed and used.

Second, the poor consideration before construction, while the construction side of the amendment, the water circuit reform has no plans to follow, leaving hidden dangers for the follow-up construction.

Under normal circumstances, the decoration company will draw the decoration design drawings for the owners, including the overall renderings, detailed construction drawings and water circuit transformation plans. However, due to inadequate communication between the owners and the designers in advance, some of them were not conscientious. With the progress of the construction, they constantly proposed amendments to the original design. As a result, the construction of the water conservancy system and other concealed projects were completed but they found no plans. Follow-up, leaving hidden dangers for subsequent construction.

Reminder: When there are water circuits in the bathroom that need to be remodeled, consumers should ask the designer for a circuit renovation plan in advance. If there is a change in the construction process, consumers must communicate with the designer to draw a remodeling plan, and then begin. Construction, it is best not to modify the edge of the construction, so as not to damage the wires caused by the construction of the wall in the future.

Third, did not consider the installation before buying, bought and found not only beautiful, use is not convenient.

In recent years, consumers are spending more and more on bathroom renovations. In addition to construction, follow-up investment is also very large. Usually, the cost of purchasing only sanitary ware accounts for about 1/8 of the total amount of decoration. Due to the wide range of sanitary products, consumers often choose to spend their eyes when buying, only to buy home and found that their bathroom is not coordinated. For example, on the market, very beautiful washbasins were selected, but only after they returned home, they found that they were larger and invaded part of the space in the toilet, making it impossible for tissue boxes and trash cans to “seat each one”. The result was that each time was convenient. "It's not very convenient.

Reminder: Consumers should consider what kind of products they would like to buy at the design stage. During construction, they can reserve space, remodel pipelines, create installation conditions according to the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the products they purchase, and ensure the decoration process. Can be successfully completed, sanitary products can be installed and used normally. In addition, the installation of sanitary ware requires very accurate measurement data, that is, a difference of 1 cm may also require secondary rework, so be sure to ask a professional to measure the size, not sloppy.

Fourth, bathroom decoration construction matters needing attention:

1. Laying of floor tiles: There are three main points for laying floor tiles:

1) There must be about 1 percent of the discharge slope and the slope is towards the floor drain;

2) The thickness of the floor tiles joints should be the same, and it is better to align them with the seams of the wall tiles;

3) When the front wall of the bathtub is tiled with tiles, the tiles are best affixed to the bottom of the wall before they are attached to the wall to avoid breakage.

2, the threshold: the threshold is to prevent water overflow from the bathroom level, its design and construction should pay attention to:

1) The upper plane of the sill is to be tilted towards the inside of the bathroom so that the water droplets can slide smoothly into the bathroom;

2) The threshold should be the same as the width of the door frame, and the thickness of the door frame should be the same as the thickness of the wall so that there will be no large access when laying the floor tiles, and the chance of creating a breach will be relatively reduced.

3, ground waterproof: There are many kinds of waterproof materials, the current use is more common waterproof agent. When laying a waterproof layer, it should be spread to about 20 cm above the foot of the wall. It must not be lower than the height of the lintel. When there is a reserved pipe on the floor, the waterproof layer needs to wrap the reserved pipe. After the waterproofing of the floor is done and dried, it must be immediately primed with cement mortar or protective measures to prevent damage to the waterproof layer.

4, toilet: generally installed in the toilet, used to cement the mortar to fix the toilet, in fact, this method is wrong, after this method to fix the toilet, the toilet can not be disassembled, if the pipeline is seriously blocked Only one way to knock off the toilet.

5. Washing the countertops: Washing the countertops should choose the “full body” (that is, the surface material of the countertops is the same as the internal material composition and color), and the countertops with only one surface of the plastic shell cannot be selected because only the surface of the surface of the plastic shell is damaged once Not possible to fix. (To test whether the countertop is "fullbody", you can use the light to illuminate from the back of the room. Light-transmissible is the "full-body" countertop). In addition, joints must be applied to the joints between the tabletop and the washbasin to prevent the water from oozing from the joints.

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