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Analyze the selection of suitable bearing types

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-10-12

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When selecting the bearing type, it is important to fully grasp the operating conditions of the bearing. The following table lists the primary profiling items:
Analytical project selection method 1) The bearing space of the bearing can be accommodated in the bearing type in the bearing equipment space. Because the rigidity and strength of the shaft are emphasized when drawing the shaft system, the shaft diameter is usually determined first; that is, the inner diameter of the bearing.
However, there are many scale series and types of rolling bearings; the most suitable bearing type should be selected.
2) The size, direction and nature of the load bearing load [bearing load can be indicated by the fundamental additional load; its value is shown in the bearing scale table] bearing load is richly changed; such as the size of the load, whether it can be radial load, axial The load is one-way or two-way, the degree of oscillation or impact, etc. After thinking about these elements; then pick the most suitable bearing type.
Generally speaking, the radial load of the bearing with the same inner diameter can be added in the following order: deep groove ball bearing < angular touch ball bearing < cylindrical roller bearing < tapered roller bearing < spherical roller bearing 3) The type of bearing of the speed [the limit value of the bearing speed is indicated by the limit speed; its value is shown in the bearing scale table] The limit speed of the bearing is not only determined by the bearing type but also the bearing scale, cage type, accuracy grade, load condition and smooth method. Etc;; therefore; it is necessary to think about these elements when selecting.
Most of the following bearings are used for high speed rotation:
Deep groove ball bearings, angular touch ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings 4) Rotational accuracy Bearing type with required rotation accuracy [Scale accuracy and rotation accuracy of bearings have been standardized by GB according to bearing type] Machine tool spindle, gas turbine and The control machine should be driven by high rotation precision, high speed and low conflict; at this time, bearings with a precision of 5 or more should be used.
The following bearings are usually used:
Deep groove ball bearings, touch ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings 5) Bearing type that is just as satisfactory as the mechanical shafting required [bearing when the bearing is under load; the rolling part of the rolling body and the raceway will be elastically deformed. "High rigidity" It means that the deformation of this elastic deformation is small] in the machine tool spindle and the final stage of the vehicle deceleration equipment; in the rigidity of the progressive shaft together; it is also necessary to improve the rigidity of the bearing.
Roller bearings receive load deformation smaller than ball bearings.
Preloading (negative clearance) on the bearing can improve rigidity. This method is suitable for angular touch ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.
6) The relative skew analysis of the inner ring and the outer ring causes the bearing inner ring and the outer ring to be relatively skewed (such as the deflection of the shaft caused by the load, the accuracy of the shaft and the outer casing or the equipment error); Bearing type under the condition of use. If the relative skew of the inner ring and the outer ring is too large; the bearing will be damaged by the internal load. Therefore, the bearing type that can accept this skew should be selected.
Generally speaking, the skew angle (or centering angle) is allowed to be added in the following order:
Cylindrical roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing (angular touch ball bearing), spherical roller (ball) bearing 7) Equipment and disassembly timing check, etc. Cylindrical roller bearings with inner and outer rings separable; needle roller bearings and tapered roller bearings are more convenient.
Conical hole self-aligning ball bearings and tapered bore spherical roller bearings can be easily assembled and disassembled by using fasteners or withdrawal sleeves.
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