Analysis of the regulation of grape brown spot disease

Pathogenesis: The conidia of brown spot disease has a long life, and it can be attached to the surface of the branches for wintering. It spreads under the high and humid conditions and invades from the back of the leaves. The incubation period is about 20 days. Most of the north began to develop in June, and the July-September period was repeated during the rainy season, causing large occurrences.

Control methods: 1. Thoroughly eliminate litter to reduce the source of disease, spray the tree generals in time after cleaning, absorb sun ultraviolet disinfection, inhibit the pathogenesis and transmission path of plant airborne virus, and improve plant immunity and health index . 2. Spray a new high-fat film and a 3- to 5-degree stone sulphur mixture before germination. 3. Rational fertilization, scientific pruning. Add multi-element compound fertilizer. Enhance the tree potential, high disease resistance, scientific retention, timely picking and pruning, surface ventilation and light transmission. 4. Spray control. In areas with serious diseases, combined with other disease prevention and control, when using pesticides , it is necessary to select a highly targeted agent to be used together with a new high-fat film to improve the control effect and reduce the amount of pesticides.

Fiberglass Grating

The fiberglass grating also named FRP grating & fiberglass grid, and the fiberglass grating panels can be made into FRP grating cover, fiberglass walkway grating, Fiberglass Trench Grating and so on.

The fiberglass grating is light in weight and has good elasticity, so it can be cut freely during the installation process, without using lifting equipment, and only a small amount of labor and cutting tools are required. Because the FRP grid is made of non-metallic materials, the corrosion resistance of the FRP grid is very good. The FRP grid will not rust and rust under the chemical medium, nor will it damage the structure of the material.

Beyond that, the color of fiberglass grating including yellow, gray, green and as your demands.

fiberglass grating

Fiberglass Grating

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