Analysis of EVA delamination during solar cell module production

The processing technology of PV modules adopts laminated materials such as EVA, backplanes, glass, and solar cells. From the welding to the completion of finished product testing and the completion of packaging and storage, each process interacts with each other, and the quality of the components affects the user's outdoor use. Lifetime, from the actual production of the quality of the components There are major problems: the production of cell fragments, air bubbles, empty plastic, component appearance deformation, junction box burned and other issues.

Among them, EVA is one of the most important auxiliary materials in photovoltaic modules. Its excellent heat aging resistance is a necessary condition for ensuring the life of the module. Solar cell performance can be guaranteed in terms of stability, reliability, and durability.

The following analysis of EVA delamination problem analysis:

The effect of EVA delamination on the components: When the delamination area is small, the power failure of the battery module is affected; when the delamination area is large, the battery module is directly invalidated.

The causes of solar cell module EVA delamination are as follows:

1. There are foreign materials on the surface of raw materials such as EVA, glass and backboard.

2, too much flux, in the outside world encountered a high temperature for a long time there is an extension of the busbar delamination.

3, EVA raw material composition (such as ethylene and vinyl acetate) uneven lead to delamination can not be dissolved at normal temperature.

4. The degree of cross-linking is unqualified (such as low laminator temperature, short lamination time, etc.).

Prevention methods:

1, strictly control the laminator temperature, time and other important parameters and do cross-linking degree experiments as required, and control the degree of crosslinking within 85% ± 5%.

2. Strengthen the appearance inspection of finished products during the manufacturing process 4. Strictly control the amount of flux, and try not to exceed 0.3mm on both sides of the busbar.

3. Strengthen the improvement of raw material suppliers and inspection of raw materials.

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