Aluminum alloy develops new fields

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 Aluminum alloy has low density, but its strength is relatively high. It approaches or exceeds high-quality steel and has good plasticity. It can be processed into various types of profiles and has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in industry. The amount of use is second only to steel. Some aluminum alloys can be heat treated to obtain good mechanical properties, physical properties, and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of non-ferrous metal structural material widely used in industry. It has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industry. The rapid development of industrial economy, the increasing demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts, so that the welding of aluminum alloys will also be in-depth study. At present, aluminum alloys are widely used alloys.

The aluminum and aluminum alloy processing industry has entered a new period of rapid development. The application of aluminum materials has become more widespread. The transportation industry has become a large user of aluminum materials. Aluminum is the material of choice for light weight, and it will inevitably replace steel as an important basic material for all sectors of the national economy and people's lives. The aluminum industry is a sunrise industry and is bound to become one of the pillar industries in the material industry. Greatly promoted the aluminum and aluminum processing industry to develop in the direction of modernization. At present, China's aluminum industry has entered an unprecedented period of severe differentiation, adjustment, restructuring, and major development. The process of polarization and survival of the fittest will accelerate the development of the enterprise. How can you not know the areas involved?

All aluminum home


With the trend of green and aluminum alloy furniture, aluminum alloy furniture produced by the large-scale aluminum processing enterprises represented by the Guangdong home furnishing market is derived from a series of processing of mineral resources and can be reused, and there will be no general furniture. The problem of excessive formaldehyde. All-aluminum furniture is not only difficult to deform, but also has the function of fireproof and dampproof. In addition, even if it is eliminated, aluminum furniture will not cause waste of resources and damage the ecological environment in the social environment.

Aluminum bridge


At present, the material of China's flyovers is mainly made of steel and other non-aluminum alloys, and the percentage of aluminum flyovers that have been built accounts for less than 2%. With the rapid development of our country's economy and society, the aluminum alloy flyover has received more and more attention and recognition for its advantages of light weight, high specific strength, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, recyclability, and environmental protection. Calculated according to the average medium-sized 30-meter long bridge (including the approach bridge), the amount of aluminum used is about 50 tons. Not only can flyovers be made of aluminum, but the use of foreign aluminum in highway bridges appeared early in 1933. With the understanding and acceptance of the use of aluminum by relevant domestic authorities, if the highway bridge can gradually increase the proportion of aluminum use, the amount of aluminum used is much larger than that of overpasses.

new energy vehicles


Due to its small density, good corrosion resistance, and superior aluminum alloy plasticity and easy recovery, aluminum has become the preferred material for new energy vehicles to achieve lightweight. As the technology of domestic manufacturers and parts manufacturers continues to mature, the proportion and components of aluminum alloys used in domestic new energy vehicles are also increasing. As an important subdivided area for the promotion of new energy vehicles in China, electric logistics vehicles are suitable for the promotion of all-aluminum body-mounted electric logistics vehicles of different levels and are also expected to further open the application space of aluminum alloys in new energy logistics vehicles.

Flood wall


The aluminum alloy flood prevention wall is characterized by light weight and simple installation. Aluminum alloy is the raw material of the flood prevention wall. According to the calculation of 40 kg per meter of aluminum alloy flood wall, the detachable aluminum flood wall is about 1m high. It is a three-piece modular structure. Each piece is 0.33m high, 3.6m long and weighs about 30kg. It is lightweight and portable. The use of submarine-level sealant strips between the three aluminum alloy plates provides better sealing performance. It is reported that aluminum alloy plates are made of high-strength aluminum alloys, and the flood walls are connected to each other by cement piles or aluminum alloy columns. In the experimental stage, one square meter of aluminum alloy plate can withstand 500 kilograms of flood impact and has strong flood control capability.

Aluminum-air battery


Aluminum-air batteries have high energy density, low cost, abundant resources, green pollution-free, and long discharge life. Graphene has developed a kilowatt-class aluminum-air battery, and its energy density is currently commercial lithium-ion battery 4 More than one time, 1 kg of aluminum will allow electric vehicles to run for 60 kilometers, and electric vehicles will double their battery life. Aluminum air batteries have attractive market prospects for standby power supply of communication base stations and range extenders for electric vehicles. In the process of use, it can achieve zero emission, no pollution, and easy to recycle. It can be used as a power battery, a signal battery, etc. It has a broad application prospect.


At present, the surface treatment technology of aluminum alloy tubes for seawater desalination is monopolized by foreign companies, and the application of aluminum-based copper in the heat transfer tubes of seawater desalination units in China is urgently required to break through the corrosion protection technology of heat transfer tube coatings and is currently under research and development.

The scale and production technology of aluminum and aluminum processing industry at home and abroad have developed rapidly and reached a fairly high level. A large number of new aluminum alloy materials with various properties and functions and different types and applications have been developed; alumina, electrolytic aluminum , Aluminum alloy casting, casting, rolling, extrusion, pipe rolling, drawing, forging, milling, deep processing and testing technology continue to push new, energy saving, environmental protection and safety, streamlined, efficient, high-quality, high-grade direction The development has resulted in the development of a large number of large-scale, precision, compact, high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental-protection, multi-functional and fully automatic aluminum and aluminum processing technology and equipment. Large-scale, collectivization, scale, modernization and internationalization have become modern aluminum and aluminum processing. One of the important signs of business. Industries and products will be vigorously adjusted. The company's system and mechanism will continue to innovate, technological advancement will accelerate, and management will develop in the direction of modernization, automation, information, science, high efficiency, and international integration.