Air Impact Wrench (Pneumatic Tool)

Model NO.: RH-231A
Condition: New
Customized: Customized
Square Drive Size: 1/2"
Capacity Bolt: 16mm
Free Speed: 8000rpm
Max Torque: 480FT-Lb(650n-M)
Working Pressure: 6-8kg/Cm2
Air Consumption with No Load: 149L/Min
1/2" Air impact wrench
1, small and light in weight, high stability.
2, positive reversal operation easily.
3, air adjustment valve, torque adjustment easily.
4, the most suitable for strong combat structure in automobile maintenance, instant strong power, lightweight and durable.
Free Speed Square Drive Size Capacity Bolt Max Torque Avg.Air Consumption Working Pressure
8000 rpm 1/2" 16 mm 480FT-LB(650N-M) 149L/MIN 90 psi
Air Impact Wrench (Pneumatic Tool)

Single  Size
Single Weight
Box Size
21.5*20*7.5 2.8 44*26.5*28 15/14 5

1, screw assembly opoeration.
2, mechanical assembly operation.
Applicable scope:
1 small nut disassembly, automobiles, bicycles, motor vehicles and other highly assembly repair field.
2 kinds of small passenger car tire bolts
3 various mechanical parts assembly
4 steel structure bolt assembly and disassembly project
5 agricultural vehicle tire assembly and disassembly project

Stainless Steel Shower Head

The utility model discloses a Kitchen Shower head that is convenient to switch the water outlet mode, has a compact structure, and is easy to use and a kitchen faucet using the kitchen shower head. The shower head includes a shower body and a shower head provided with a spray water outlet and a V-shaped water outlet. , The shower head is provided with a water separator, and the water separator is provided with an annular flow channel and an inner flow channel respectively connected to the spray water outlet body and the V-shaped water outlet body, and the lower end of the outer wall of the water separator is upwardly circular A plurality of water inlet holes connected to the annular flow channel are provided, and a first sealing ring is provided on the lower side of the water inlet hole; the water outlet end of the shower body is connected with a converter, and the converter is provided with a communicating In the water diversion cavity at the water outlet end of the shower body, the lower end of the water diversion device is installed in the water diversion cavity and can move up and down, and the upper end of the inner wall of the water diversion cavity is provided with a matching first sealing ring

Kitchen Pull Shower,Kitchen Pull Shower Head,Stainless Steel Shower Head,Rotating Wash Basin Shower

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