A new generation of extrusion electromechanical heat pipe

The electric heating tube is the main component of the extruder. Without it, the extruder does not work at all. And its merits cannot be judged from the external forms. Extrusion electromechanical heat pipe, it belongs to high temperature heat pipe. The difference with the ordinary electric heating tube is the difference between the production process and materials, the technical parameters of the material within the tube can meet the actual work requirements, often reflected in a few days after use. Occasionally, when the machine is just installed, it will cause a honeycomb breakdown phenomenon at the bottom of the pipe or under the nozzle. The new generation of special heat pipes for Jiaxing Thermal Power Equipment Factory adopts new technologies and processes developed abroad, and uses high-quality materials in strict accordance with the relevant technical standards. The special electric heat pipe has passed a special process and has been tested several times in terms of adaptability. It can fully work in the special working environment of the extruder for a long time. As we all know, whether the electric heating pipe leakage, the key lies in whether the heating wire is good or bad by neutralizing the insulating material. Jiasheng Heat Equipment Factory's new-generation extruder-specific electric heat pipe adopts advanced special equipment so that the heating wire can be effectively leaned against the hazard caused by the heating wire aside. Insulation materials are very different, and the selection of materials is the basis for the quality assurance of electric heating tubes. Jia Power Heat Equipment Factory has developed high performance extruded electromechanical heat pipe special insulation powder through fifteen years of professional practice research and adoption of newer foreign technologies and technologies. Solved the problem of long-term operation in high temperature work environment, this breakthrough is a revolution in the field of extrusion electromechanical heat pipe. Jia Power Heat Equipment Factory is dedicated to the research and development of electro-extrusion heat pipes, and has established a technical reform center. It uses advanced computer design to make the process more complete, and the materials used are more reasonable and the quality is more stable. In the past 15 years, thanks to the understanding and strong support of the majority of aluminum industry friends, we have promoted our development and growth. Our friends are: Guangdong Guangda Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Jianmei Aluminum Profile Factory / Guangdong Nanhua Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory / Guangdong Hongchang Copper & Aluminum Profile Factory / Guangdong Jiangchuan Aluminum Equipment Factory / Guangdong Shengtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd./Guangdong New Asia Pacific Aluminum Profile Factory/Guangdong Huizhou Guanghui Aluminum Factory/Guangdong Huizhou Zhongtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd./Guangdong Futong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd./Changgao Chaoyang Aluminum Profile Factory/Nanning, Guangxi Province Aluminum Profile Factory/Zhengzhou Kaifeng Suburban Aluminum Processing Factory/Zhengzhou Dongzheng Aluminum Profile Factory/Jiangxi Yifeng Changhe Aluminum Profile Factory/Guangxi Yulin Guidong Aluminum Profile Factory/Guangxi Hezhou Xindu Fengmei Aluminum Factory/Jiangxi Province Anfa Aluminum Profile Factory / Zhengzhou Zhongkai Zhongnan Aluminum Profile Factory / Hebei Dacheng Aluminum Profile Factory / Shouguang City, Shandong Erhe Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. / Hubei Dazhi Hongtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. / Sichuan Quxian Linhua Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Company/Hubei Province Hutian Aluminum Products Co., Ltd./Shandong Province Gaoke Aluminum Profile Factory/Jiangxi Province Taoyuan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd./Hunan Province Hengyu Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd./Hubei Province Dayu Aluminum Profile Factory/Hubei Jingzhou Fuhao Aluminum Factory/Guangdong Xiecheng Aluminum Factory / Yunnan Zhan Aluminum Co., Ltd. / Lake North America Pavilion Aluminum Industry / Guangdong Hongyuan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Dongguan Shangpin Aluminum Industry / Shenzhen Guoyang Hardware Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Haomei Aluminum Factory / Guangdong Gaoming Jinxin Aluminum Factory / Guangdong Asia Aluminum Factory / Dali Lianyi Aluminum Factory / Dali Hongwei Aluminum Factory / Dali Tongheng Aluminum Factory / Dali Defa Aluminum Factory / Dali Dongfang Aluminum Factory / Dali Lianyou Aluminum Factory / Dali Super Strength Aluminum Factory / Dali Hengjian Aluminum Plant / Dali Yongfeng Aluminum Plant / Dali Southern Aluminum Plant / Beijing Yuanmei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Hongjinyuan Aluminum / Guangzhou Aluminum Factory / Guangdong Canon Aluminum Equipment Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Daikin Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and so on. Jia Power Heat Equipment Factory is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta, next to the prosperous Guangfo Road, and grows in the capital of aluminum---Dali Town, Nanhai. Dali Town has gathered more than 150 aluminum profile production enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 800,000 tons. It accounts for 40% of the output value of architectural aluminum products in the country. It has the advantages of large production scale, numerous fancy varieties, and high quality. It has become the industrial gathering place of the global aluminum industry. With a unique and advantageous environment, transportation is particularly developed, and freight vehicles that lead to all parts of the country are fast and convenient. 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