60 Urban Road Brightening Projects Completed Completely, Large-scale Promotion of LED Street Lights in Hangzhou

With its unique advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and easy installation, solar street lights have quietly flew into the streets of the city ... As a new energy-saving measure, how hard can solar street lights contribute to energy saving?

1 Energy-saving economy

First of all, each solar street light is a relatively independent system. There is no need to bury cables or dig roads during installation and construction, which saves a considerable part of manpower, material resources and installation costs. Besides, power consumption, an ordinary street light is bright all day. The lamp time is about 6 hours, and the power consumption is about 2 degrees. It costs more than 300 yuan a year. According to the calculation of 300 street lamps in an urban area, it costs nearly 100,000 yuan a year, and the use of solar street lamps can save the whole. 

According to reports, there are 50 million outdoor lightings added annually across the country. If solar lights can account for one-thousandth of a year, the country will save hundreds of millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, which is equivalent to sending a 100,000-kilowatt power station to the country. 

2 Energy saving principle

2.1 How can solar panels store energy? 

The main material of solar panels is silicon, but there are also some other alloys. When the solar panel is irradiated with light, it can convert light energy into electrical energy, so that current flows from one side to the other. Solar panels are designed based on this principle. 

As long as the solar panel is exposed to sunlight or light, it can generally generate electricity. In order to make the solar panel minimize the light reflection and improve the photoelectric conversion rate, it is generally covered with a film to prevent light reflection, so that the surface of the solar panel is purple. In addition, the inclination of the solar panel will also have a considerable impact on whether the solar street lamp can be effectively lighted. 

2.2 How to convert light energy into electrical energy? 

Solar street lights are mainly composed of four parts: photovoltaic modules, light-emitting diodes, solar cells and controllers. Photovoltaic modules absorb sunlight during the day, convert solar energy into electrical energy and store them in solar cells, and discharge and illuminate when it is dark at night. Generally, when it is sunny, under the ideal light intensity, it takes only 4 hours to fully charge, and it can be guaranteed for more than 5 days after each charge is completed, and it can also work normally for 3 consecutive rainy days. 

In addition, according to different requirements, the controller can design the switch of the solar street light to be light-controlled or time-controlled. Not only can the battery charge and discharge time be controlled, but the intensity of the discharge can also be controlled. 

In short, in cities with increasing energy consumption, urban power consumption has been overwhelming: industrial power consumption and domestic power consumption have been high in recent years and have been increasing year by year . Is common. If solar street lights can be widely popularized, people don't have to worry about the normal production and life being affected.

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