275 kinds of new products supporting the shaft

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275 kinds of new products supporting the shaft

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-07

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The fine skills of Wazhou Axis and the transformation of the production industrial park have successively passed the production; it has laid the foundation for the development of high-precision products that are urgently needed for the operation of the equipment. Since this year, the Wazhou skills have surrounded the country’s 16 serious skills specialties; Good research and development of bearing products; smooth development of 275 new products.
In the wind power generation industry; Wazhou Group completed the research and development of multi-standard supporting products; in the meantime, the MW-class fan series bearings have been smoothly produced; in addition, the production of multi-standard foreign wind turbines is also produced. In the metallurgical rolling mill occupation; high-definition Sendimir mill The bearing is on the machine test; the bearing of the large-scale rolling machine is smoothly produced; it fills the domestic blank; the replacement bearing for the large-scale rolling mill main bearing is being produced. In the fine machine tool occupation; the development and development of multi-series, multi-standard high-precision bearings; Satisfied with the needs of the rapid development of fine machine tools; most of the products fill the blank of domestic fine bearing production. In the transportation profession; the new high-power electric locomotive bearings will be produced this month. In addition; nuclear power professional use will be sent to users.

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